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Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Hoops

When I watch this clip I see the amazing singing sure, I see the excited judges but I also see 5 kids succeed at something they worked hard at and they did it with grace and kindness to others. I see kids knowing they did well and enjoying it. BUT mostly I see me in those mom's. Toad is participating in soccer this year for the first time and they do a drill where they roll two holla hoops and the kids have to run and get them both. He tried and tried and tried week after week and each week I would hold my breath hoping this was his week to feel success and each week he got so upset when he couldn't get that second hoop . Well just the other week he did it. He got both the hoops I swear I would have danced like those mom's at the end if anyone else would have joined me. When your kid works hard for something and they succeed you see more then a great song or the fact that he ran down both those hoops I see his spirit and I see how hard he will work to get what he wants. I see his joy when he realized he can do whatever he wants if he just hussles and I saw him look to us to share in it with him and that is FREAKIN AWESOME.. So I watch this video and love those moms cuss I see them watching their kids get both hoops!

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