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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sounds of our house

Life is full of noises and sounds, our house is no different. Each day there is a quick moment or long one some days where you can find me in the house with tears in my eyes praying for 1 min of quiet.

Some of the sounds you hear around our place I am sure are very common with everyone, like running water. The dishwasher is running, the laundry is going, the tap is running cuss someone is washing their hands, a bath is being run and of course part of my job description as a stay at home mom the toilet is flushing.
The one sound of running water I wish I heard more of is my shower running for 30 mins oh hell I will take 10.
I like many mom's and dad's can of course get a 10 minute shower it is just not in quiet cuss these are the sounds I hear during it.  MOM, Where is Mom? NO I want mom to do it, NO!!!!!!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM..DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD where is mom?  Insert baby crying from all the yelling.

So you guessed it the next sound in my house is yelling, now the yelling is not always out of anger or frustration. The yelling can comes in forms of laughter and having fun but most days it is me yelling through the house. Some examples you ask- dinner is ready, can you switch the laundry over? time to come upstairs, DINNER IS READY, time for a bath, turn the tv down, stop yelling, stop jumping, your sister is sleeping, get off the couch, don't do that , you know that is not allowed, no we can't buy you that, What? and my fave I AM UP HERE (the answer to the most asked question in our house WHERE IS MOM).
Ooooh lets not forget this one and it is a good one cuss it never happens.Those who know my hubby understand why. Can you get the phone? Flash to me checking messages cuss he does not make a huge effort to get the phone.

So another popular sound in our house is the phone ringing. I love this sound it means someone has something fun to tell me or someone we love is reaching out to check in,tell us a funny story,vent or just needs to chat. The only thing about this sound is it triggers another sound in my house..
Please picture this, phone ringing me walking to it and from downstairs, upstairs or right beside me Toad starts MOM, MOM , MOM it is like in his brain if the phone is ringing I better start asking mom something. So most calls to my house start like this Hi, just one second.. Well toad I am not sure how they build a space ship engine we will have to look that up.. That's right he doesn't ask me a quick can I have a drink or snack OH NO he saves the big questions for when the phone starts ringing. So this usually results in me going to my office to take the call, my mom office is the only room in our house with a lock.. You guessed it! The washroom CLICK I love that sound the sound of metal locking me away! It just triggers Where is Mom.. or banging but if I say nothing it usually stops and I can grab a 5 min call.

One thing about the sounds of our house is I would not change it for anything, I love walking in and hearing our house being lived in. TV's on, Radio on, Dishwasher running, kids running around yelling or crying and my husband peacefully on the couch tuning it all out!

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