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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New definition of Awesome

I remember when Toad was first born counting down the days till my sleep in day. Rob and I would rotate on weekends, now sleeping in then was always like 9 or 10ish but still it was sleeping in. As parents your idea of awesome things changes a bit, I use to Prekids think that a day spent in bed watching HGTV after a all night drink fest was Awesome. Now I would never ever ever spend a kidless day doing that. First the guilt of it would kill me and second I would have a long list of other things I would like to get to kid free. Like organizing my storage unit or picking out furniture, Boring I know! But that is the truth.

I remember this year on Halloween night I was up at 2 am changing a diaper and feeding a one month old, the one thing I kept thinking about was all those people out dressed up and drinking with their buddies. They would just be leaving the bar to get some food and at the time I could have went for poutine. I just thought how different my life was, I went to bed that night okay with it minus that craving for some street food.

This morning another Parenting Awesome happened to me, The toad slept in. Now I was up with Lovely but she is easy, feed her well I watch yesterdays episode of The Talk, drink my coffee and relax. Most days when I am down here feeding her enjoying my ME time the toad comes bounding down ready to start our day. But today no toad?
So I swear I am like a chicken with my head cut off I stood in the kitchen spinning around, the excitement too much to handle. My head was swirling what to do with this extra quiet time, I feel the pressure as you don't know when this timer is going to go off and you will hear the movement upstairs.
QUICK pull it together what do you want to do..I spin around looking at bottles that need to be washed, dishes that need to go away, a floor that could SO use a wash and lets not even start at my state and what I could use.
AHHHHHHHH quick quick just pick something anything what do you want to do THINK.. another coffee, Oprah what what do you want to do.. I of course think coffee quick this is taking too much time.
I LITERALLY run  to the living room get my cup and pour fast fast at least get one guzzle before the timer blows.. 745 YIKES it could go anytime now.. Then it hits me Newspaper could it be could I get to read Thursday's paper before Friday?? Yes this is what I wanted to do.
I head to the front door, my hand hits the cold handle, I unlock the door and tick tick tick tick BOOM I hear the movement HAPPY THURSDAY our whole house is up.. Hope nothing to major happened in the world cuss I will not know till tomorrow!

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