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Friday, February 4, 2011

Oversized Coat and Runners not my best look

Yesterday Rob came home early from work and asked if I wanted to hit the Tillsonburg Town Centre (our mall)? I took one look at myself and knew I had no time to fix this.. There was no way there was time to shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed and apply make up in ten minutes! I was bustin a stunning Mat Leave look yesterday my hair was a trendy mix of bed head and hat head from when I toss on a hat to drop the toad off at daycare. Both my pants that fit me were in the wash so I was sporting a nice pair of black sweatpants and a t-shirt that I in truth wore to bed the night before.

I knew it was 330 in the afternoon and I should have had a shower but I was busy cleaning since I got back from dropping the toad off, well minus a few minutes to chat on the phone, eat, write my blog and cruise facebook. OH yeah and feed and play with my sweetie. So where was the time to shower?

I thought what can I do quick to fix this look? I pulled my hair up in a clip, toss on a splash of lip gloss and an over sized winter coat and my running shoes. Off we were to the mall, I was not worried since we don't know that many people in Tillsonburg so I was sure to not run into anyone at the mall.. WRONG!
It was great to see our old sitter but I am sure she walked away thinking I had gone to hell.

After a coffee and a walk around the mall we decided we needed to check out our local indoor yard sale Antiques Plus. I surely would not be the most under dressed there! OH  BUT I WAS!!
The good news is that I am now typing on our new 1940's laptop desk/old kitchen table..

We were now late so we were in a rush to get the toad, I ran into the daycare and as I entered two little brothers who were getting picked up yelled to the toad that his mom was here. He looked up from the bin of Mr. Potato heads he was playing with and I think I saw for a quick second a look of embarrassment,and I am pretty sure he gave me a second look, was I looking that bad?

I was soon to get that answer, I looked over and a daycare mom that I knew well from when I was working and we both dropped off at the same time was staring at me. I gave her a huge smile and said "Hi I haven't seen you in a while".
She shock her head with out a lie as if she could not believe her eyes and said OH MY I didn't even recognize you!! UNRECOGNIZABLE this was worse then I thought. I said oh yeah with a slightly insulted laugh. Most would stop talking but I knew her and I knew she wouldn't. "It's just that I am use to seeing you all dressed up and um well"(eyebrows raised). I wanted to finish this sentence before she did so I said "And I am not! that's what Mat leave will do to you" (with a forced smile on my face) and she smiled a half smile back.
I knew I hated that bitch!

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