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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the love of all things snow

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a new toboggan and you would want it to snow so bad so you could use it, you would look out each day to see if just maybe that would be the day you could play with your new toy. Well this morning I came downstairs rubbing my eyes and praying that the smell of fresh coffee would soon hit my nose, when I saw the shadow of a grown man with his nose pressed against the window. I said what's the matter hon, he turned and smiled " just seeing if I have to snow blow or not." Rob just got a new toboggan well in the shape of a snow blower, and he has been dying to use it.

Saturday he was pumped it was snowing hard, he knew it was his day. I asked him in the morning if he was going out to do the driveway and he said he was going to wait for it to stop snowing. Good plan I thought.. Only thing he didn't consider in this plan was that we had just moved onto the friendliest street in Tillsonburg and about an hour later I said mmmm honey it looks like our neighbour is blowing out our driveway.. WHAT !! could it be? could the boy have been robbed of his opportunity to use his new snow toy? Let me tell you this story doesn't end happy! It was true our driveway was done!
Rob sat defeated on the couch sad he had missed his opportunity and I am sure sad he was not going to get a half hour outside away from the craziness of Saturday mornings in our castle.

When we got the snow blower we had discussed the etiquette of snow blowing and how early you can start the blower, I had made some calls to my usual panel of experts KL and Mom and they both agreed with Rob you do what it takes to get out of the driveway no matter what time it is. So this morning as Rob looked out the window praying it had snowed so much he could not get out the driveway I moved to the kitchen to get my coffee Rob appeared and announced his decided he was going to gamble and wait till this evening, maybe he did this out of kindness to the neighbours or our kids who were all still sleeping I am not sure what drove this but I could see the excitement in his eyes as he kissed me goodbye today was his day!

As I got the toad and I breakfast I heard a noise NO! I ran to the window whipped open the curtains and in a HUGE breath of relief saw the neighbour across the street that we don't know snow blowing his driveway. Rob's dream was still alive (PS it was 730 am so the etiquette rang true you do what it takes to get out of the driveway no matter what time) Rob called to let me know he was at work safe and I told him of the situation taking place on Friendly Ave we both agreed since we don't know that neighbour and  he was doing the neighbour driveway that we do know Rob would be safe.. Again peeps this story doesn't end happy as I type our driveway is free and clear of all snow thanks to another wonderful neighbour.. Please know we are not complaining and feel so lucky to have great neighbours it's just that the boy wants to use his toboggan!

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