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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living with "isums"

When I met my hubby I fell in love fast and hard how could you not, he is uber hot, a gentleman, he would clean the snow off my car warm it up and leave a Tim Horton's coffee in it (he lived beside one). He cooked me romantic dinners, took me out on dates and made me laugh soo hard. Rob and I moved in together 6 months after we started dating and that is when he introduced me to his "Robisums" or OCD thangs! I have come to respect a lot of these things and know what will drive him nuts and try my best not always successfully to not do those things i.e purse or anything on the counter, everything must be straight not on an angle and the LIST GOES ON.. Lets not forget the Crisper investigation 2004. His poor sister will never get to eat in his car again.

The thought never crossed my mind that our kids could someday add to the stress of living with "isums" but that very thing is starting to happen. Our little mini Rob is showing his colours, in the last few weeks I have noticed it more and more. This morning I handed the toad his breakfast plate and turned to head back to the kitchen when all of a sudden he started to cry HARD and say NO MOMMA NO MOMMA I turned back to see the sheer look of horror and panic on his face.. My gosh what is going on? I said what Toad what??
there was butter on the plate.. yes too close to the English muffins but not on it! I said mmmm okay and put my finger on it and cleaned it up ready to continue on my morning but OH no we needed a new plate and he had to put the muffins on it lined up beside each other... OH MY GOD Toadisums!!!

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  1. So funny/cute/scary!

    K, so my 3 year old has some 'isms too! I thought it was just the age and the fact that they now try to have control over everything!

    I have a few OCD traits too...order, order & more order.

    I think it's awesome that you work with Rob to assist. My Rob and I do the same for each other with all our little quirks and quarks!


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