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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Day I almost Died!

They say when you have a near death experience your life flashes before your eyes and you see the faces of your loved ones, all this happened to me yesterday when I almost died. I saw my two kids, my awesome husband and my sister in law. Only problem was 3 out of the 4 where laughing as I took what was sure to be my last breaths!!

The day started off great we spend it watching two sweet boys celebrate their 1st birthday, ice skated with our family and enjoyed some yummy cake. It all sounds fun and carefree and it was, till we set off to head home. Aunt A was coming to spend the weekend with us and I would have hated to have her sit in the backseat of the truck,crammed between two car seats, a bunch of Toy Story Toys and a wack load of garbage. So she climbed up front with Rob and the kids and I got in the back seat for what later felt like my last time.
Please picture Lovely to the right of me the Toad to the left and the space between the car seats not nearly as big as my butt, so to get in I had to really jump up and put some force into it. I am now 100% stuck in between the two seats!! Next for the deathtrap or seat belt as some would call it! With the time it took to get myself wedged in Rob had decided to start to drive, it was difficult to get the seat belt from behind my right shoulder and put it in the space between the toad and I but I did it. Sweat now dripping from my face I felt victory..... for 1 second cuss then I felt fear. In my rush to get my seat belt on (we were moving and my sweet son was yelling "are you joking me you have to have your belt on it is dangerous". VERY SMART he didn't know that seat belt was going to take his mother's life!) I had not pulled the belt out far enough and it had locked. Locked around my neck, slowly stripping me of my breath. I was trapped and panicked! I did what any calm mother would do I put both my legs up on the seats in front of me started to scream I CAN"T BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (over and over again) and frantically with out any success pull at the belt.
Rob who was watching this from the rear view mirror and driving kept saying in his very calm way "just take the belt off".. This was a reasonable idea... however I was stuck and could not get my hand between the car seat and me. The pressure of the belt slowly pushed harder against my body I knew this was it. I was going to die here wedged between my two kids a Toy rammed in my butt and my legs pressed against the front seat. I should start to say my good byes, there is so much I wish I had done in my life..

NO NO I am going to fight to live.. Think THINK pull it together THINK WOMEN..

I will try to get my head under the belt , please know this is NOT a good idea as it is locked so I am making no progress with this move. All I can hear is a women screaming.. wait it is me?
I CAN'T BREATH! over and over again. I close my eyes sure this is it, then I swear I see the light.. Wait I feel some relief from the pain? Am I dead? I open my eyes and see that we are at the light!  Te stop light and Rob has gotten out of the truck and undone my seat belt for me... My Knight.. why was he laughing so hard? And was  Aunt A and the Toad laughing? I am just so thankful to be alive!!

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