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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Mommy!

Yesterday was such a stunning day! The Toad, Lovely and I hit the park to enjoy the warm weather and the SUN! We have a bunch of awesome parks in our area and we try to rotate them, Toad for sure has a few faves... but yesterday we tried out a new one. The park is located right beside the Tillsonburg Community Complex we see it each Tuesday when we swim, this is now a new fave!

I love to go to the park cuss it is so fun to watch his imagination work, I love to see him try new things and succeed at things he didn't think he could do. Yesterday it was the fireman's pole, with a bit of help from mom he did it no less then 100 times. He was scared I could tell he was thinking about it for a bit at the top, I wish I could be in his brain..After a few minutes he said "k mom I am ready" and he did it!

The park was filled with knee high snow so that added to the fun, but I like most parents love to play at the park but am usually ready to leave about 30 mins after we get there not my little guy. He was having fun and said so on a few occasions. I think he and I are ready for spring and our more frequent trips to the park. As he played around the park I was bored.. I started to pack the snow around my feet and thought about making a snowman, or a snow castle.. Instead I went with make some snowballs and toss them. Seeing how far I could get them. I started to aim at the slide, the fireman's pole it was fun for a bit but I was still bored.. Then I saw it... The little red jacket making its way over the snow towards the swings.. hmmm he was pretty far away I wouldn't be able to get him would I? Lets see I made a huge snowball and put a bit of force in and away it went. It was getting closer to him, closer to him, closer... almost there now...
AND HE TURNED around it got him smack in the eye! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO I screamed and tried to make my way over to my now crying son,this was not easy with all the snow. I was falling and struggling to make my way over.. He said Why did you do that to me mommy?? I am not sure if it was shock or what but I was laughing and begged him to accept my apology. I guess the lesson here is always remember what your mom told you don't throw snowballs.. but what if your moms the one tossing it?

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