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Friday, February 11, 2011

I was an awesome Mom before kids!

I have a fave Mom quote that one of my besties once said "I was a way better parent before I had kids". Prekids I had all these amazing idea about how I wanted to raise our kids and what I was going to expect from them and what our life would be like and then I had kids!

We can not control these little angels they are their own person and bring all their own awesome traits to our families! So I had to get creative and if you would have asked me before kids if I would ever lie to them I would have flat out said NO way. You must be completely honest to build trust and open communication with them. HAA!

I lie to my kid EVERYDAY! You heard me none parents and all you haters out there EVERYDAY! there may even be some mom's and dad's reading this thinking what no way ! I would never do that! BS you have at some point about something.. Parents lie to their kids! there I said it, it is out and we can all just let it sit for a second.

Some examples of CLASSIC lies I have told

WE ARE LATE (were not but we will be if they don't get those freakin boots on)
No we don't have any chocolate milk your going to have to have white.
Oh no we just missed that cartoon
It's 7:30 Bedtime (oooops it may have been 7)
Sorry all your sweatpants are dirty you will have to wear something else to Christmas Dinner.
Their TV is broken
The horse/boat/train at the mall is STILL out of order
Kids under 3 are not allowed out of carts in this store
You have to be 5 to eat/see/do that

the list can go on and on and on...some of these lies are to save fights, or to help the toad but all in all I never thought I would lie to my kid but I do.  I think it is easy to pass judgement on other parents and think I would never do that but you are not in their shoes. I have learnt that there by the grace of god it is not me and my kid in the middle of a war at Wal-mart. We need to be kind to each other and let our mommy and daddy friends know they are not alone. I think we all at the end of the day have the same story we just want a peaceful outing,night,day,hour or minute so we do what we have to to get it!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Just saw your post Bloggy Moms and have to say I know exactly what you mean! I lie to my kids every day too! Glad you can be honest about it as that's what I admire in a mom :)


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