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Monday, February 28, 2011

To fill up your spirit just add Breakfast+Crazy girlfriends and a few Mimosa!

I was lucky to spend yesterday with some of my fave women, they each have such amazing stories,talents and spirits that I spend my time at these breakfast thinking how did I get so lucky to call them my friends? I could spend days tell you funny stories where I have laugh so hard liquid has come out my nose or my belly hurt or I had to use my puffer to recover. I could tell you a thousand stories about how they have picked me up, dusted me off and sent me back out to the world a bit stronger, a bit wiser and for sure healed. Or I could tell you that they are all just teachers in my life.
They have taught me that life is way more fun with a bunch of crazy B&^%&'s by your side!
I wish these women knew how their footprints in my life will have forever changed me as a women, wife and mother. Ladies you help me feel normal in a world of fake everything is perfect mothers, you make me smile about my imperfections (sorry Pauline I thought you didn't know what Bayfest was ... not when it was ) and most importantly you allow me to be me and love me for it! SO thanks ladies I am still on a high from yesterday!! Your strength amid your challenges show us all your true spirit and I am blessed to be in the same room with it!

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