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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One final love note

The other night I went to bed in tears, I hate Cancer! I hate what it does to those suffering from it, I hate what it does to families and I hate that we don't have a cure YET!

But I was not crying because I was sad (and I was ) but I was crying because I had just read the most loving and caring note a husband could ever write about his wife. I don't know them that well but I have been able to spend a bit of time with them both, their children and grandchildren and I felt blessed to be able to share his thoughts of his wife. He summed up my experiences with her perfectly, he complimented her on her positivity by saying "There was never a question of ‘glass half full or half empty’ for her; it was always brimming.. So true! He commented on her love of her family and friends and reminded us all that it is not our Jobs, bank accounts, km ran at the gym or how big our house is that we talk about when that person is gone it is the long walks, their love of art, and time with family that we remember. I was touched by the love he shared and he ended this note with In Lieu of flowers make someone laugh or perform a random act of kindness! What a loving tribute..My heart goes out to the Otten  Family at their time of loss and I want them to know that yesterday I spent the whole day trying to make someone laugh, and performed a random act of kindness in honour of Helga.

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