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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it wrong to want a parade and applause??

Yesterday I ran into one of my biggest pet peeves, grumpy customer service people.

Lets just remember what getting out of the house looks like for most parents: ok maybe just me!

10 mins of No you can't go in your pj's , No we cant' just put your snow pants over your pj's, here are your clothes please put them on I will be right back
Dress myself tights and zip up jacket.. sexy I know it is my new uniform
Pass by the Toads room
Nice Mom:Toad please put your shirt on now, stop playing and get dressed
Dress and change lovely who is actually at my fave stage where she rolls the whole time your trying to dress her. for real I do love this stage it makes me smile...
Cover your ears..
Mean Mom:TOAD GET DRESSED.. Why do you have your old Halloween costume on? No you can't wear it please get dressed.(p.s I have on occasion said sure!)
Mean Mom: Do you have to go pee? NO
K then wrestle Toad in a coat, boats.
Mean Mom: What? you do have to pee okay off with your boots and coat (yes coat we had a pee accident one time so we just take it off now)
Toad :Mom do you know where my dash is? Can I go downstairs and play just for one second? Mom I have to close this door
Back into the coat, boats and out to the car seat
Dragged another car seat with a baby that is nat getting any lighter out to our car.
I am of course at this point am sweating.
We drive there and I answer a billion questions much like why does that house have so many windows? What is an apartment? Where is their backyard? How do they make gas? Why is Lovely looking at me? Can I wear my Pj's out to the store? AHHHHHHHHH

Oh good we are here! Toad undo your seat belt

Then I go into super panic mode stay near me toad, come on hold my hand , k stay here see all these cars it is sooo dangerous!! stay close (the whole time he is right beside me I just feel safer if I say it 100 times). Get miss lovely in it the cart add toad to it and then drag the two of them around a store all well saying, No Toad you can't have Kool Aid? We don't need to buy any toys today you have a full basement of them. blah blah blah blah

Soooooo when I get to the cashier and they don't say hi or eat dog do or nothing I get my back up..

Is it wrong to want a big welcome? a cheer!  a way to go you did it, you survived! Your almost there SOMETHING..

I always say how are you? and if I get a complaint back.. Watch out..
If I get a oh yeah good.. Sorry did I bother you at work? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Please just give me my applause and I will go.. This bad customer service is on the rise I see it more and more and it makes me want to jump the counter and either hug the very sad young skinny 17 year old who thinks life is just too hard OR tackle them to the ground and say look at my cart.. do you see that Tigger or Ninja with chocolate milk on his face he's all yours of an hour and that baby, someone should change her crappy diaper! You want to?? NO then please just say HI and how are you and we will move along home.

Well I should get ready the Toad has school and I have to get Miss Lovely to the Dr.. Let the work out begin.. Happy Thursday everyone!!


  1. I tell my husband all the time wasn't that cashier grumpy. Or lets go to him (at Babies R Us) he has always been nice and easy going! I wonder if the advance in technology will continue to affect the interactions with people and our customer service. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Teach your children to be cordial especially if they are in customer service! Heck they don't even have to mean it, fake it! It starts at home I tell ya! And some how I think Toad and Lovely will always give you an applause!

  2. Poor customer service is my biggest pet peeve. All it takes is a smile and eye contact to make me happy, but sometimes they don't even look up or say a word...literally! Or worse, they keep having their conversation with the cashier at the next cash the whole time...ummm hello?!?

  3. LOL. Isn't it the worst? I mean why are they in customer service if they don't like working with the public!

  4. Following you back from Bloggy Mom's! What a great post! I work in customer service and it is very hard for me to deal with other reps who don't want to help. Thats what they are hired to do! Best of luck!

  5. Following you from Bloggy Mom's! Best of luck!

    Check me out at

  6. Hi Melissa and Crissy thanks for stopppin by.. love to have you and hope to read more of your blogs and you of mine!! I have to say that this pet peeve makes me soo angry I just don't get it!! Ah well so is life.. got to move on and focus on the positive!! Happy monday ladies


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