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Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet the Gundry's

I have on occasion watched an awesome show called Meet the Wilson's

This amazing Canadian Couple share the joys of parenting, flipping houses and a music career. They are funny, real and super cute! Yesterday my family celebrated my grandma 80th birthday, we shared a ton of laughs,memories and yummo food. We also as a family shared our love and sadness over the upcoming lose of our favorite fisherman. Bert was missed more then he will ever know, this was our first family gathering without him. It was sad cuss we knew he was in a hospital room sleeping peacefully and we wanted him with us. I love my family for many many reasons but the fact that we stood around in the kitchen telling each other how much we loved Bert, how his grace and courage during this whole experience has inspired us and made us appreciate our loved ones even more was amazing to me. Some families experience death and never ever talk to each other about it and here we were all sharing our feelings.

As we drove home with our two very over tired kids in the back my husband and I shared how special the day had been to us, how much we loved being able to share the day with my family. We marveled in the Toad's love of his cousins and how we had not seen him all day. How great Lovely was on zero sleep, how great it was of Krista to come, how much our family meant to us. I cried , laughed and felt more love then I had in a long time, as we drove home I thought I don't want today to end!

We got home and put the kids to bed and Rob turned to me and said I am going to have a beer in the back yard. I smiled YIPPEE the day is not over yet! So we headed out back, turned on the tunes and relaxed. We looked up at the stars , chatted and just hung out.. I remembered that on Meet the Wilson Kortney and Dave finish each crazy day checkin in on the porch swing.. I asked my man if he wanted to start that this summer? He said Of course, now he works shift work so it will not be every night but each night he is home we will take some time to check in and hang out in our back yard for even just 30 mins. I can't wait to start this new tradition! As well Kortney has started a 365 photo challenge on there facebook page, one picture a day for 365 days. So Rob and I will do the same, one picture each night. Maybe both of us , maybe one of us and maybe just one of my feet :)

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