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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Saturday Morning Chuckle...

Ah Saturday Morning.. time for some kids shows in our house and a HUGE coffee before I start moving around.. 4 years ago when I first started watching kids shows with my buddy Lesley and her little man I remember we talked about how do these grown men then go and drink with their buddies, play golf, go to the bank anything really? How do they do this job by day and be men outside of this? Guys can be pretty creative when it comes to razzin their buddies and these men wear full unitards, how does Lutsu get the job and be like hey dude I got a new job..yeah think it is going to be good.. you will have to check me out on Treehouse and then his buddy sees that video..

Or do you think these guys dreamed of one day being in this kind of band?

As I sit and enjoy my morning coffee I think of the laughs that must be had at each party, grocery store and bar around the world when someone sees them. I would freakin love to head to a party and find that Scott from Imagination Movers is drunk in the basement playing poker with the boys.  Or I wonder does Lutso buddies dress up like him for Halloween? Or give him multi coloured unitards for every occasion?

Happy Saturday it is sunny here and gonna be an awesome day I can feel it!!

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  1. This is Hilarious.We need to hand out definately.Cause great minds think alike.You funny.Have a great day!!


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