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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Baby

Sunday was picture day with Santa. Toad was PUMPED, he has always loved seeing Santa. Toad never cried, never acted scared nothing. Last year Lovely was a bit young and totally didn't get it, so I was excited to see her reaction to the Big guy.

My mom has made the kids the cutest matching sweaters so we took those with us and headed to the mall.

As we got out of the van Toad turned to Lovely and said we are going to see Santa Camryn! Camryn said what we all believe was Santa. Toad freaked out and was screaming she said Santa she said Santa.

We walked towards Saint Nick and she kept saying Santa , Santa. We found a bench and got the kids in their sweaters, Lovely was looking at Santa pointing and smiling saying That! That!. We jumped in line, and before too long it was our turn.
Santa here we come.

Rob help Jax up in his spot and I waited till the last second to get Miss Lovely into her seat on Santa knee.  I watched, waited and then BOOM little girl on Santa's knee I turned and walked away. I didn't hear any crying so I was excited.. I turned around and this is what I saw!

Lots to see in this picture I know.. Everyone is looking at me.. Santa looks actually afraid of a kid.. a little girl. Jax is such a big boy in his sweater but he too is looking to me to see what we do.. But Lovely is classic, she is a fighter so she was screaming, climbing and did get off his knee.

LOVE THIS PICTURE and Santa too funny....

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