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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not you, It's Me

That's right, today I had to do something I have not had to do in over 10 years, Break up! It was just like I remembered it to be. Barf!

I was up last night worrying about it, how would he react? We have been together for a long time. Would he be mad? Would he understand? I felt sick as I drove no one likes to break up even if you know it is best for you.

But as much as I was sick about it I had taken a bit of extra time to get ready today, you still want to look good when you break up with someone.

As the time approached my stomach was turning, my hands were sweating, my face was red. Oh man was this what I was like when I use to break up with other guys? It was finally time to drop the bomb!

I looked at Rob for assistance but no he was leaving this break up for me, Dr D it is not you it's me..

I have to move my kids to a doctor closer to home. Yikes there I said it!

He looked shocked but he did as most men do, he acted like he didn't care.

No no he was kind and sweet to us and wished us luck and told us he was always here for us if we needed him..feels good to still be wanted after a break up!

Glad the break up with our kids doctor is over and don't worry ladies this break up will not send me to the hair salon to cut my hair or do something drastic like that .


  1. LOL - funny! I did the same thing with my dentist, but rather than let them know, as you have, I have been avoiding calls from their office, and if I see the dentist in public I quickly go the other way. Avoidance - pretty much the same thing I did when dating. :-)

    Lala Musings: Dentist Phobia

    Anyway, fun read! I found you through Bloggy Moms.


    Rachel :-)

  2. I guess the first cold or well child visit will be the hardest. I'm so glad you have your husband for support!! Lol!! Such a fun and funny post!! Just great, thanks for a laugh!

  3. thanks Ladies.. so funny! I have been going to this doctor since i was a kid. He will continue to be my dr but just have a new one for the kids closer to home :)

    Glad I could share a laugh!

  4. Awww - I would love to do the same with my dentist but I love him so much I just keep making the long trek! Funny post!

  5. A. You are a goober! B. I don't break up I just run and yes that includes Dr's (just send for the records) C. I love ya!

  6. LOL! I have to do the same thing at some point.

    Still making the drive from Vaughan to Miss for our ped. And he's like 100.

    ...but I don't trust anyone else...


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