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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good To Know

I love the regular Saturday post I do of what I learned in a week but feel it is better called Good To Know, this is not the only change you will be seeing around here in the coming weeks.. Can't wait to share the fun stuff with you all !!
Happy Weekend Everyone Toad's first soccer game today!

~ Apparently Sheep don't like to be honked at .. why else would a farmer put a sign up asking you to not honk at them..

~ Lovely is NOT a fan of grass! Here's hope this follows her to that first High school party and she continues to just say NO to grass!

~ This past weekend my boy was dirtier then I have ever seen him and I put him to bed like that!..

~ My amazing sister in law is growing a third penis... I am so excited to be an auntie again to another Walters Boy

~Lovely can not only crawl but has pulling herself up on things, feeding herself off her tray,drinking from her shippy cup, holding her own bottle and talking on the phone to boys.
WHAT?!? soon enough.

~I am that person who pick stuff up on the side of the road! Yikes if this DIY turns out pics to follow.. or Rob will be making a trip to the dump with it! One or the other!

~Love going to the movies.. Thanks Amanda date well needed!

~We have got the worst lawn on Friendly Ave.. Calling Dr Grass.. that's you Loebach

~Baby Girl is about to learn what some call Tough love.. no more getting your rents up at 2,4,5 am cuss your gonna have to get yourself back to sleep... One night down one night good!

~Those two teeth have been in someones skin already.. Lovely maybe able to get a role in the next Twilight movie...

~ Lovely will ONLY play with Toad's toys.. this is not good when you have OCD 4 year old and a 8 month old who leaks from the mouth there is a lot of good creative parenting needed to make them both happy.

~6 days till girls weekend, 2 glories nights and days with my chicks.. books,mags,loud laughter, sun(HOPEFULLY) and maybe a drink here or there .. god I can not even wait!!
Why is Rob not counting down to two days with the kids?? strange..

~ I am going to be linking this back to my new mom buddy Sarah as she does a version of Good To Know each week and is fun to read as well.. :)

Enjoy your Saturday and lets hope we get to see some sun today !!


  1. This is awesome! Hope Toad does well today - little kid soccer is like watching a swarm of bees, with one little bee off to the side waving at mom oblivious of the play! Girls weekend sounds so fun! Jealous!!

  2. I love that your sister in law is growing a third penis!! hilarious!! You learned a lot more than me this week, thanks for sharing!! My favourite is that you're that person who picks things up from the side of the street.. I did it for the first time last week and when I got home realized it was complete garbage!!! lol maybe next time!


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