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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Girls Part 8

As women I think we all would agree that we can NEVER hear enough I love Yous or Thank yous from the people we love... So this past week my girlfriends and I were knocked down by joy and love when our bestie did a BIG I love you and Thank you blog post. She took the time to say I love you because, and thank you cuss for each one us. I hope if you have not read them you will as you will see just why I have the best girlfriends around. KL's Blog it was a day for each friend and an amazing conclusion.

Well Mrs Smith you forgot part 8!

KL I would put on your sweater The Giver but I think those dirty old fisherman would get the wrong idea...
I think you always give 100%. You will drive 2hrs to spend 1hr holding your friend new baby. You give us your everything, your love, your laughter and your heart. Your eyes light up when you see your friends, you get excited for any bit of time you get to spend with us and we feel it. You allow us in your heart and trust us in there. Not a lot of people can say the same.
The notes you wrote us all was a true test of LOVE. I could feel it coming off the computer screen when I read them. Your joy is rising my friend and I am happy to tag along!
LOVE YOU TONS and can't wait for the memories to keep coming. Thank you for the love this week
xoxo Nic

And Mrs Kathy wanted you to know ....

Well here’s to giving it back to a fabulous friend who touched my heart and will keep my spirit soaring for weeks to come with the generous things she said about her friends. I should qualify this with the fact I know I’m not going to be as well written as you but I hope you get the overall message that I think you’re a fantastic friend.

Everyone should have a friend like you. You always have an ear to listen to your friends. Whether it is trivial everyday stuff or life changing challenges we always have your undivided attention. Even in a room full of people, when we have you engaged it’s like at that very moment we are the only person in the world. What a way to make someone feel special.

You are the queen of preserving memories on film. I truly believe you don’t leave the house without your camera… even when you go grocery shopping. And we are all the better for it. In fact I would forget some of those moments if it weren’t for your diligent photography ;);). And this translates right into your unbelievable creativity. You truly have a talent my friend. You are my scrapbooking and photo collage idol.

You’re so much fun to be with, you crack us up with laughter. You’re such a good person and touch our hearts with your kindness. You’re selfless and generous, as demonstrated by the very thoughtful posts about your friends on your blog.

So I say it again, everybody should have a friend like you. But so far it looks like you’re one of a kind!

and Mrs Stewart wanted to say

KL - I don't remember the exact first day that we met. I don't remember what you were wearing. I don't remember my hairstyle (blonde-ish I assume?!?) or what the song of the day was. I don't know if I was thin or thick, if I wanted a puppy or 10 kids. What I have always known and will continue to know, is the impression that you left on me.

KL - you have an enormous heart, a heart big enough to fill an auditorium. The love that you have, and show, for your family and friends is unmatched. You show this love in a variety of creative ways - through spoken and written word, fun gifts (often handmade and GORGEOUS) and by the countless hours that you clock to drive to various events; parties, births of babies etc ... in order to support your friends. There are not many people in this world who show their love so unabashedly, you are truly special. I am so lucky to be on the receiving end of this love.

In addition to your huge heart you are immensely creative - desserts, collages, photo frames ... nothing is safe from your creativity. You can make the most ordinary things, absolutely beautiful. You have an amazing gift!!

KL - every time we talk, we laugh (often at our husbands and children ... but they will never know, right?) - I love that you 'get me' and I 'get you.'

I could go on and on for pages about all of your qualities but I think I would bore you. The last thing I want to note is what an amazing wife and mother you are. You are such a natural mother and kids gravitate to you, I am envious of this gift. You are the first to swoop up babies or engage other peoples kids in play or conversation. You offer great tips and advice, I feel like you are way ahead than the 5 weeks that separate the births of our children. I am grateful for your knowledge and skill with little ones.

KL - I love you and I thank you for everything that you have done/continue to do for me. You are an inspiration.

xo P

So to sum it up we each love you for all the same reason but also for our special bond we each have with you.
Thank you for always making us smile, for coming and sharing in our family moments, ordinary experiences and everyday life.
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