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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Speckled Beauty.

For 3 years I was a mother of one, and I always got pissed off when someone would say oh your a first time mom.

Today I got it, Lovely woke up with some small dots on her belly I took a look and brushed it off as a heat rash or nothing at all. If this had been the Toad I would have been on the phone dialing  9 1 1. Not today and not with #2, I had a coffee date with my buddy and momma was not gonna miss it.

When we got to Amanda I had her look at Lovely's dots and we both decided it didn't look bad. We discussed what we had learnt the first time around and how it was only on the trunk of her body so we were good to let it go.
Now I am only 10 months into being a second time mom so at times I revert to first time mom mode and decided it would not hurt to call the Dr office. They confirmed that if it was on her trunk we were good to stay BUT that if it spread to her arms or face to call back.

Coffee? Don't mind if I do! Visit with my chicks? YES please add in some fun new borrowed work clothes? THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

When it was time to say good bye I noticed the dots had moved.. Yep they were on her arm and up the side of her face.. CRAP.

Dial in the Doctors office and got the word.. Emergency Room was in our future. 

Lets just say that by the time we got to the ER Miss Lovely was COVERED.. I think my kid is pretty sweet and cute but man oh man she looked like DEATH..
My poor baby girl.. so sad!

poor little polka dot baby..

Our sweet baby girl was sick and I didn't know what to do. First time mom, second time mom or 10th time mom when your baby is sick it makes you feel helpless.

We had to wait a bit but the verdict is that our sweet baby most likely has a penicillin allergy. We have been told by the Dr and the pharmacist that we are lucky and that this could have been a very serious reaction. Now we know and we can make sure we keep our baby girl safe from this for the next little while till we can properly test her.

Lovely you are so very special to our family and your dad and I are sorry you have to feel sick or uncomfortable but we will do all we can to make these next few days as comfortable and easy for you as we can. xoxo


  1. I agree first time, second time, tenth doesn't matter sometimes you still just don't know what to do.

    Side note, I thought for sure you were going to say it was chicken pox! Thank goodness she is okay.

  2. Thank God Sadie it was not Chicken Pox.. oh man we were with two little babies and two toddlers this morning.. yikes I would have felt sick :)

    Just got Camryn up for her bottle cuss she has been asleep since 530 and the rash is worse :(
    hope for a better day tomorrow.

  3. Oh Nic!
    I think that it would have been better had it been chicken least you'd know that once it was gone, it was gone..
    Allergies suck! Sending lots of hugs to the princess!!! Have a Corona or two girl!! xo

  4. How scary. Allergies are so frightening when you don't know what they are and have to figure out this way. I am also allergic to Penicillin.

    Glad she is OK.

    Blessings, brittany @


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