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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good To Know

Hello Saturday!
What's that you say?
What did I learn this week or want to share with you?
Thanks for asking I got a bunch!!

~ Shots of Banana Liquor mixed with just a few beers tired to kill me last Saturday night.

~when wishing for the days to slow down I did not mean the day after a parents night out.. Sunday was TOO long of a day for Momma and Daddy.

~Jillian we may actually get up to Level 2 this week.

~School shopping must blow for people who don't drink..

~Well shopping for a new outfit I asked the sales women does this dress make my butt look big? she said well you have a big butt.. Ha ha LOVE IT!! And I will be rockin the dress next weekend!

~ I believe that someones heart can be soo sad that it almost breaks....

~Breakfast out on a Friday was a great way to start the weekend. Even if Rob has to go to work after

~This song is gonna be my new athem..

I wish that I could have this moment for life was my facebook status this week and at the time I was outside in the sun, with the wind blowing, drinking my afternoon coffee with my sweet baby girl.. No diamonds, No flashy moments or over the top stuff Just life but I was enjoying it.. I Wish I could do that more often just slow down and enjoy..

Everyone Dies but not everyone Lives!!

~pretty sure lovely is not allergic to Penicillin now.. but has something viral.. :( poor girl..

~Our neighbours to the left have not spoken to us since the first week we moved in, this week they have both rapped my ear off and gave us some veggies from their garden??? strange but welcomed..

~Saturday with friends in a backyard to celebrate two miracle babies Don't mind if we do...

I hope your weekend is filled with Moments!

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