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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good To Know

* When your baby will not go to sleep the only place to be is the Potter's Cabana!

* Point two Gundry's will someday have a Cabana.. maybe not that nice but we will have something!

*I feel like quoting Nicki Minaj "someone please tell him(toad) who the F I is"!!! Because I said are 3 words I say most in a day.

*I can handle 3 kids and still go pee..who knew

*I have 5 weeks to get my brain back!! HELP

* was reminded again this week that life is SHORT please hug your peeps and tell them you love them as much as you can

*Allowance sucks! Toad is trying to take me out one long ass trip to the Cars section at a time.

*Going back to work will feel like a vacation after some of the days on this job.

* I am not sure if your suppose to work out and then drink a beer but I like it.

*I will have a kid in school in 4 weeks someone want to fill me in on how that happened? Am I not 19?

*Everyone should try a little drink my family has been rockin for the past 3 years, we call it a Tuesday Afternoon Smirnoff calls it the Rocket.. whatever you call it, it is yummy! Half Smirnoff Ice Half Beer = ALL GOOD!! I like to add some ice.

*If Brendan Cures Cancer I will eat my whole god damn Christmas Tree! Stand and all!

*Last Soccer game today!

*As if Hockey for a 4 year old is 550 bucks!! !HOLY SHIT!!

little plug for a awesome facebook page... Check it out. Tell your Friends

AND HAPPY SATURDAY may you find a hot coffee a cold beer and a friend to enjoy it all with xoxoxo

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