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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Judge a Daycare Parent by their Cover or kid for that matter

Yesterday I was having a chat with my girlfriend and we were talking about a Baby at her son's daycare who cries all the time, she said her and the other moms are afraid to make eye contact with said baby in fear of sending him into hysterics. She then mentioned how her husband got a glimpse of cry babies parent well picking up their son.

We then went into a FULL convo on this kids parent, she was young and didn't seem to much different then us.

I laughed after are "we" what Norm is? How did we get put at the top of that scale? I am not sure if those in charge of the Norm scale have see the two of us on a good night out? Or on our worst days at home with our kids.

Either way it made me think that on lots of occasions Rob and I as well as my girls and I have talked about other parents at the daycare.
We have speculated about them, how happy their relationships are or where Jim Bob and Sally Dad is?

Or if little Chastity's mom is actually a street walker or just likes that style of clothes.

Then I started to think of what the other parents are saying about Rob and I? And Jax for that matter.. yes I have gone as low as talking about the kids..

So here are a few answers to what I can only imagine they think.

1)  Yes one year ago this September I stopped showering everyday!

2) Rob and I do not breakup in the summer months, you just don't see him cuss he works a lot

3)  Yes Jax is that grumpy most of the time

4)  No I could not possible get anymore junk in my van

5)  Your right, Jax does not listen very well..

6)  Yes Camryn is always that happy

7)  No I do not have any other shoes then my flip flops

8)  Yes I do know there is breakfast on my shirt but your lucky I have pants on..

9)  Looking Tired yeah I am, why you coming over to spend the night up with my kids?

10) Yes I forgot to pack my kids hat yet again.. Bad Parent!!

There think I covered it all :) I know that my friends and I can not be the only ones who do this.. or are we??

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