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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A gem

My grandparents gave us all a gift when they found a gem in Bayfield 35 years ago. This gift was that I grew up spending every single weekend with my Mom,Dad,sister, Aunt , Grandparents, uncle and cousins. I have so many MANY memories but they pale in comparison to reliving it with my kids.

Since I was lucky enough to have the summer off we got to spend a TON of time with our family and a lot of time in Bayfield.

Watching Toad and Lovely spend time with their family and each other making memories fills my heart. I feel blessed that we get to pass this on to them.

But also I got to spend time with my aunt, Dawn and I are only 8 years apart in age so if you do the math I am 20 and she is 28. Growing up we were like sisters in every way, she would give me the gears, she protected me , she taught me a lot of things (much to the dismay of my mom at times) but mostly I looked up to her and I still do. Something cool has happened as I grew up, we became friends... I am so lucky to have her in my life and I have to say in my top 3 things I will miss this coming September it will be spending so much time with her. I love you Dawn and have had a blast this summer with you xoxoxo

Thought I would add some fun pics of them making memories this summer with the peeps we love sooo very much

Thanks for the memories!! xoox

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