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Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Five

If Rob had his way our kids would not eat solid food till they are in college, he is so afraid of choking. So like any good mom/wife would do I sneak give Lovely her solids and once she survives the experience I tell him. What?!? When your at work from 4:30am till 5:30 pm a lot happens and I can't remember to tell you everything.

So Lovely's Top Five BIG girl foods

1. Nutrigrain bars- LOVE is not even a strong enough word... Munch's it all up, almost a whole bar for breakfast. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she has been eating nothing but Oatmeal Cereal for the past 6 months.

2. Say Cheese! This is my helper during prep time for dinner as well as a helper to allow Rob and I to eat. She loves her some cheese and I love the time it takes her to eat it all.

3. Yo Gurt! any flavour and as much as she can get!

4. Grill Cheese maybe has something to do with #2 but either way she L O V E'S it! The other day she ate almost half of one all to herself.

5. Apples. Toad loves to take little bits off his and feed them to her, I am not sure if she loves the apple or the time and focus her brother puts on her but either way she loves Apples.

So after all this I just figured it out, I have a Lovely pot belly piggy for a baby!! And I couldn't be happier...

Happy Weekend! I hope you all enjoy your food this weekend as much as our Lovely is enjoying her new experiences with it...

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