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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Big Boy

So as you all know I live in a house of "isums" two boys who have OCD and have made my life a living hell a wonderful learning experience. So when Toad turned 4 we wanted to start adding to his Child Labour work/ chores, he is now responsible to make his bed each morning. Well without fail each morning before he comes downstairs he makes his bed. Yippee one more thing of my must do list each day. But one more thing he is crazy over doing.

This sunny Saturday morning I was relaxing and enjoying my Massive coffee with Miss Lovely when the Toad came down very upset!! Great 7 am and your already a grump ass, this should be a freakin awesome day of travel, too much sugar and not enough sleep I can hardly wait! note to self need more beer!
I said to him what is up with you? He said you didn't make your bed! I said no cuss Daddy is in it. He replied NO he isn't. I looked at him and said where the hell is he?

He marched his little Iron Man ass upstairs to figure this out, when he reached the top of the stairs he opened the bathroom door and proceeded to give his dad the business. Big boys make their beds you know! Rob god love him said OKAY Close the door..

My little shortie is going to be up for a raise in his allowance if he can get his dad to make the bed too.


  1. This is so relevant to me right now! I am not a make your bed every day girl but when I do make it I am thrilled at it being so tidy. I made it last night for the hour before I went to bed and thought to myself I should do this every day I love how clean it feels. Lets hope I can follow Toads lead, pull up my big girl panties and make my bed every day! Go Toad! Be safe traveling :) Can't wait for picts please take me a neighborhood shot of the houses etc.

  2. You are simply amazing! I love this! I can not wait to read EVERYTHING! I found you over at bloggymoms... I like the real talk :) thats what my page is about the truth lol hope you can check me out I am now following you :) and can not wait to read everything!


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