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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rob Gordon In Da House!

If you have ever watched High Fidelity you know that John Cusack character Rob Gordon loves to name his top 5 whatever.. Rob and I use to do this a lot and since blogging I have seen this done on a lot of different people pages in different ways.

I was toying with the thought when I read one on site that said 5 products you could not live with out.. hmm this is harder then you think.. but here is mine in no order just 5 things.

for real my kids would be left on in the garage if momma didn't have coffee. I remember one day we were out of coffee and Rob left for work and returned with a Tim's for me. I said oh that was sooo sweet, his response was "Well I wanted my kids to be alive when I get home from work". Well said Daddy!

2.Or my version of Valium...Don't need one everyday but it sure does make that crazy sprint to bedtime that much more enjoyable. Cutting that lime after a long day makes me actually smile. They say you should enjoy every bite of food you take well I have days well cooking dinner that I have stopped and enjoyed each swig of that bevy.

3. For real her books have changed the dynamic of our house, it has made our family more cooperative and loving. Toad is a unique little dude with his own very strong opinion (awesome when he is older I want him to scream No to bad kids just not to me ha ha). If you have not read one of her books I suggest Amazon it up and get one.. You will not waste your time. THANK YOU ALYSON bedtime has forever been better cuss your in our life!

4  I remember back to the day when I use to wash my hair everyday and do it. ah to be young again.. but till I go back to work the clip saves my life!

5. My Laptop! Love to blog, Love to chat with other Adults and as I found out this past month when I didn't have one.. I have no way of getting someones phone number.. ha ha we have NO phone book..

Happy Friday Everyone and hope you have an amazing long weekend. I will be spending mine with my Fam Jam, this 2 4 will be a sad one as it will mark our first family visit to Bayfield with out our favorite fisherman. We love and miss you so much Al xoxoxoxo

Enjoy your peeps this weekend!


  1. These are awesome - gotta love a man who brings you Tim's!

  2. Maybe we really are long lost sisters!! I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time I read todays post! Thanks for sharing, and for the laugh.... off to cut my lime!!! PS~ chin up and keep smiling this weekend!!!


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