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Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Five

Listography from Kate Takes 5 : Top 5 Things I'd Change About My Wedding:

Hmm well I did love my wedding I have very little I would change even 6 years later

1.. MY hair! I loved it so much that day(thank you Amanda) but now I look back and think I wish I wore it half up half down??

2. I wish we had more lighting in the hall.

3. I wish someone would have video taped our first dance... I was busy dancing and missed Emma signing and Steve playing the guitar.. I wish I could listen to it again.. Maybe when we renew our vows.

4. It was very hot! I would have had water at the wedding for the guest.

5.This is a very big wishes not changes for our wedding. I wish our very close friend did not have to receive life altering news not just at our wedding but EVER. I would change that for you if I could.. xo

I loved our wedding but I loved it not because of the dress , the flowers or the location (all things I did love) but I loved it cuss I got to marry Rob and do it with our closest friends and family and we did it in our style. I hope those who attended remember that day the way we do as fun and filled with love..

Happy Friday!


  1. Love! We all have such different weddings but it all boils down to marrying the person you love! :)

  2. oh my gawd, i wish i could do this on my blog!! unfortunately all the things i would change were the mistakes many other people made.... many people who read my blog. damn. damn. damn.


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