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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facebook just told me it was my birthday today!

The sun is out, the first coffee is done and I have danced with my baby girl to 50 cent Go Shorty it's your birthday (a Gundry Tradition shared by all who celebrate in our house) and it is only 5 after 7. Gonna be a long and great day. I have so much to be happy about and know I am blessed BUT man oh man 35 YIKES..

Those 35 years have been filled with so many laughs, a crap load of tears, lesson that I learnt the hard way, scrapped knees, sun burnt noses and friendships that fill your heart Plus all the pictures to remember them by.

Toad just woke up and yelled from upstairs Mommy? its your birthday today!! WOW what a sweet son I have.. now we must take a break to dance to some 50 cent again.. be right back.

Well in this next year I plan to work on some ME stuff, I want to listen more then I do I want to be a better wife,mother,daughter, sister and friend. I want to try to cross some stuff off that old bucket list and I want to play more! I want to laugh more then I already do, I want to hug longer and be in the moment more. I want to watch less TV, check my facebook less and rather visit those friends more in person oh yeah and run that stinkin 5 km run !

Ah a new year...I love it!! Happy Wednesday


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's fab!

  2. Happy Birthday my friend and how are we not facebook friends, must remedy this! I am so blessed you have become part of my life, thank you!


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