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Monday, May 30, 2011

Spirited Soccer

In case I have not yet explained it enough on here the Toad is a complex little dude. He is beyond sweet, he loves his sister more then his little body can handle. He has the BEST imagination I have seen in a kid his age and he plays awesome on his own or with his best buddies. He is slap your knee funny and will often in a day just say I love you mommy or daddy etc. He at times has awesome manners and is so quick to say thank you for doing stuff with him.

BUT he is a grump ass a lot too. So we can go from HAPPY to GRUMPY fast.. I think in baby books they say this is called Spirited. My book would call it crazy as all hell.. or like his mother..

So Soccer was one of these times.. He woke up PUMPED so excited and very cooperative to get ready and out in time. We drove there laughing and making jokes, my loving husband even  turned the car around so I could get a glimpse of "new new dad" a local doctor (not the kids new dr)  out for a run. As we arrived the boys got Toad's new cleats on and he was pumped just see..

We headed toward the field, the place was swarming with little kids and their tired parents all carrying large coffee's. 

We of course had no idea what the coach looked like since Awesome mom that I am I missed the Orientation/meet the coach night. We asked someone at the gate and they pointed him out us.. (Thank you random man).

Toad was pretty jazzed he was running around and excited. We arrived the Coach ask him his name FLASH Gundry he responded.. oh yeah this gets us lots of looks, it is his superhero name ..

The coach was excited to give him his shirt and new soccer ball. NOW when most kids that got their new soccer ball I am sure they were happy, this is what happen to the Toad when he got his.

Yeah our kid got pissed! He didn't want to use that ball he wanted to use the one we had at home.
Okay we went from going Great to craptastic!!

Thankfully the coach got started with a popular and excellent soccer building drill of Follow the Leader

The toad then showed off the soccer skills he learnt this winter when we paid 95 bucks for his last soccer session

Yes the Toad learnt to stand on the ball. I was thankful he remembered how to do it so I would not feel that we totally wasted our money.

Toad did end up having fun, he chatted up the girls on the team

He listened to the Coach which is really what we wanted the most.

Finally he was having a great time, one of his bestie even showed up early for his own game to watch Toad play. This made Toad's day but there was one small problem, Toad's  2 besties are on the same team and they played after his "game". So soccer did not end as we had hoped..

Hopefully next weekend will be better. I know it will be for me cuss I will be in Bayfield relaxing with my girls :)

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  1. Oh I so remember those days! Glad he did have some fun though - and love that he picked up skills from his soccer session! So cute!


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