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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friendship~ Toad Style

Each day I try so very hard to remember how lucky I am , I try to tell those I love that I love them and to reach out and love the peeps that keep me going over the years. And if this somehow rubs off on my kids I will feel so blessed.

Yesterday we had the Health Fair and well I was in the shower I had a brilliant thought.. They are not going to look in his ears but rather put some headphones on and test his hearing that way.. I of course screamed for the Toad who was on our bed watching TV and nearly fell off when I yelled. He came running into our washroom and I told him my brilliant thought. I told him I was not 100% but thought we maybe okay. He seemed happy but still looked a bit nervous :(

As we drove to the church he looked out the window and was quiet (not like him) We arrived at the church and I knew he was nervous, along the walk to the church he kept asking me if they were going to look in his ears I told him he may have to be brave today. And even when we feel like we can't do it we might just be able to.. He smiled and I thought wow way to go Mom he will be okay..

Then it happened he said Is Paxton here now? Oh it was not my wisdom passed onto him in a moment of fear but the thought of his best buddy being there that made him smile. hmm feel a bit silly. But then it hit me and I smiled HUGE.. I too would feel so much better at the thought of my bestie being there when I was nervous, imagine a big job interview and as you walk in you knew your best friend would be waiting for you inside. I would breath a lot easier too.

As we approached the sign up desk Toad ran and sat down the lovely lady asked him his name and he told her but quickly followed it with the question of the day, Is Paxton here yet? 
The women looked at her list and said no not yet but he should be here anytime now.
Fine with Toad.

We moved on to weight and measurements I watched so proudly as he followed direction and then I thought wow he is loving this but then I heard it,  PAXTON!

I turned to see the P-Man and his dad. The kids ran to each other and hugged. I laughed cuss I knew he was doing what he saw me do a million times with my friends. Hug!!

Now I don't yell my buddies name when they arrive at our home and run from the kitchen to hug them so hard they nearly fall over BUT I may change all that next time I see them, cuss it looks soo loving!

The boys carried on and did awesome at the Health Fair, they moved from station to station and yelled to each other about cool things they saw at different stations. I watched as they explained the different things they saw, and when it was all done they said goodbye the same way they said Hello, with a MASSIVE hug and see you tomorrow.

Each night before I fall asleep I think of a moment or thing that I learned that day, yesterday I learned I want to be a friend like my son. I want to light up when my friend enters a room, I want to say their name with such joy that they see it in my eyes, I want to be so excited to tell them something I can hardly get the words out clear, I want to run to them and hug them like I have missed them more then I can control, I want to laugh and enjoy the small things with them and I want to be sad so sad I almost cry when I have to leave them even if I will see them the next day.

Imagine what that feels like to have a friend like that.. I want to be a friend like Toad is.. SO I went to bed feeling blessed that maybe just maybe he can rub off on me!


  1. Something tells me you are that friend to many~ I know you are it to me even if it is a virtual hug!

  2. I remember that feeling - everything is better with a good friend. Everything. Thanks for that "wow what an awesome feeling to remember" memory!


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