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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'll show you mine if you show me yours?

I always wonder what is in other women's purse so why not let you see mine.. No glamour here sorry ladies!

wow that is a ton of crap....

1. Empty Makeup bag
2. 2 sets of keys.. yeah Krista I am an old lady now!!
3. One baby sock (and here I thought it got lost in the dryer)
4. Lip glosses A LOT
5. One clear gloss nail polish
6. A hydro bill
7. An old car insurance slip
8.One chew toy for Lovely
9. 2 crampons (as Toad calls them)
10. One empty Tim's Card
11. my wallet
12. My shades (surprise I only had one pair in there)
13. A empty straw wrapper
14. A cheeseburger wrapper
15. Hand Sanitizer
16. Kleenex (kids style of course! god I am such a mom)
17. An empty envelope?
18. A crumpled up ATM receipt
19. A pen and pencil
20. Ahh my good OLD pay as you go Cell phone that is never charged and always out of minutes!
21. One Toad.. how he fit in my purse I will never know :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Now I want to see other's purses!


  1. That's a lot of lip glosses! :) I'm here from Welcome Wednesday!

  2. I have a lip gloss obsession as well.I finally splurged and got a smashbox one only to lose it for weeks. When I found it I sooo thought about throwing a party. My purse is all mixed up although I tend to only carry a diaper bag now!

  3. excellent idea! i may have to steal this one! muahahahahahaha!

  4. i've got tons of stuff in my purse, too! LOL
    newest follower from the hop!

  5. Love this!! I don't have a purse,, it's my diaper bag!! Pathetic, I know! It's just way too much to carry, and I never remembered it anyway! love this idea though!!!!


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