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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Project

So I love the idea of gettin in there and doing something for yourself, I love that we can change the look of something old and make it new and fresh but the small problem is that I am NOT handy or crafty. So when I found myself unhappy hating our dinning room chairs I was so worried about tackling them myself, but I thought well nothing and I mean NOTHING could be worse then what they look like now.

Rob and I were ALWAYS very embarrassed when anyone would come and sit on them, we purchased this set when we were newbie parents and were so not thinking. They have white cushions YIKES i just heard all you moms and dads let out a gasp.. yeah white what the hell! So here is the before shot (you will see why we wanted to have no dinner guest)

yes that is highlighter,dirt, food and anything else you can imagine

I wanted to add neon or bright green to our house somewhere and Rob suggested the chairs.. hmm I thought this could work, we have dark wood base and the bright colour will look good.. but again where do I start, what do I have to do ahhhhh so overwhelming..

First pack the kids up and head to the local Fabricland (if I can even find it) so I did know one thing MEASURE the chairs..yippee not just a frumpy butt i am !

So after a small chat with the sales women we were over looking at fabric.. I wanted something green was all I knew she took my measurements and x the # of chairs I needed to cover and told me I would need 2 meters of fabric. I thought about it for a second and did the math myself  # of Chairs x measurements + my inability = 3 meters.. now to find the fabric!

Well wouldn't you know it I found some awesome discontinued fabric.. for you non fabric buys (like me) that = CHEAP! so $27.83 later the kids and I were cruising in the van on our way home to get started.

First step- kids in bed! Check!
Second Step- Corona open and lime in Check!
Third Step- Get supplies ready, stapler,fabric and scissors CHECK!
Fourth Step- say a little prayer -check
And begin..

First one got done and I must say they turned out AWESOME!! I was soo excited, I felt this strange sense of pride. For god sake they are chair covers not kind respectful kids that i have raised.. But still I have never done a DIY that I have loved and I love this !

Check them out and let me know what you think?

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great day!!


  1. first a mini van and now upholstery goddess- what's next Nicole?!?!?! LOL

  2. Fantastic! It's a little bit of Florida in your dining room. Just saying. I am not crafty either I once covered chairs with burlap sacks not even thinking how they would feel on bare legs, not good.

  3. That's freakin awesome! I love the pattern and colour! And I'd never know it was DIY! I liked your checklist too...the Corona before the task - my kind of DIYer! LOL


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