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Monday, February 28, 2011

To fill up your spirit just add Breakfast+Crazy girlfriends and a few Mimosa!

I was lucky to spend yesterday with some of my fave women, they each have such amazing stories,talents and spirits that I spend my time at these breakfast thinking how did I get so lucky to call them my friends? I could spend days tell you funny stories where I have laugh so hard liquid has come out my nose or my belly hurt or I had to use my puffer to recover. I could tell you a thousand stories about how they have picked me up, dusted me off and sent me back out to the world a bit stronger, a bit wiser and for sure healed. Or I could tell you that they are all just teachers in my life.
They have taught me that life is way more fun with a bunch of crazy B&^%&'s by your side!
I wish these women knew how their footprints in my life will have forever changed me as a women, wife and mother. Ladies you help me feel normal in a world of fake everything is perfect mothers, you make me smile about my imperfections (sorry Pauline I thought you didn't know what Bayfest was ... not when it was ) and most importantly you allow me to be me and love me for it! SO thanks ladies I am still on a high from yesterday!! Your strength amid your challenges show us all your true spirit and I am blessed to be in the same room with it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Night Sweet Toad.. you make my heart FULL!!

Today I was not feeling well, got hit with the flu that has been floating around our house. The good thing is that it is short lived and I am starting to feel a bit better already.
The thing about being sick is that you get to feel how loved you really are, now with that being said I could have done without the all night pukefest and just had a day filled with love.
Rob is an amazing dad and awesome hubby but you really come to appreciate it when your down and out. He did everything today to make it easier on me and for the kids to have a great day.. THANK YOU HONEY.. but the moment that put tears in my eyes and has me carrying around a faded 4 year old blue blanket happened about an hour ago.
The toad is not easy to put to bed.. scratch that he is not easy for me to put to bed, he is smart and sneaky and this combo usually results in me being played and him being up way past his bed time. Tonight Rob did bedtime so the boys came up to say good night and toad found me laying on top of the covers and across the bed, he was very upset by this. He was hugging me and saying "mommy you need to get under the covers, your going to be too cold." "are you sleeping like this? your going to be too cold" I being the jaded mom thought he was trying to stall so I told him I was just relaxing and please don't worry then Rob came and got him and he went to bed. I then decided to come down and watch the Mentalist from Thursday (WAY GOOD !!!!! love that show) when Rob finished reading him some books he came down and got on the computer, about 10 minutes later we heard the toad! He was calling me a tested and true tool to get me to come up and for him to stay up later... I AM A SUCKER I know,whent that didn't work then he started to cry, we could not make out what he was saying so Rob went up. Two seconds later he comes down and tosses the Toad's fave blue blanket that he sleeps with on me.. I said what is this? Rob said he wants you to have it? Rob didn't know what had happened earlier and in truth it took me a few minutes but I picked the blanket up put it to my nose and said he wanted me to have a blanket!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Mommy!

Yesterday was such a stunning day! The Toad, Lovely and I hit the park to enjoy the warm weather and the SUN! We have a bunch of awesome parks in our area and we try to rotate them, Toad for sure has a few faves... but yesterday we tried out a new one. The park is located right beside the Tillsonburg Community Complex we see it each Tuesday when we swim, this is now a new fave!

I love to go to the park cuss it is so fun to watch his imagination work, I love to see him try new things and succeed at things he didn't think he could do. Yesterday it was the fireman's pole, with a bit of help from mom he did it no less then 100 times. He was scared I could tell he was thinking about it for a bit at the top, I wish I could be in his brain..After a few minutes he said "k mom I am ready" and he did it!

The park was filled with knee high snow so that added to the fun, but I like most parents love to play at the park but am usually ready to leave about 30 mins after we get there not my little guy. He was having fun and said so on a few occasions. I think he and I are ready for spring and our more frequent trips to the park. As he played around the park I was bored.. I started to pack the snow around my feet and thought about making a snowman, or a snow castle.. Instead I went with make some snowballs and toss them. Seeing how far I could get them. I started to aim at the slide, the fireman's pole it was fun for a bit but I was still bored.. Then I saw it... The little red jacket making its way over the snow towards the swings.. hmmm he was pretty far away I wouldn't be able to get him would I? Lets see I made a huge snowball and put a bit of force in and away it went. It was getting closer to him, closer to him, closer... almost there now...
AND HE TURNED around it got him smack in the eye! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO I screamed and tried to make my way over to my now crying son,this was not easy with all the snow. I was falling and struggling to make my way over.. He said Why did you do that to me mommy?? I am not sure if it was shock or what but I was laughing and begged him to accept my apology. I guess the lesson here is always remember what your mom told you don't throw snowballs.. but what if your moms the one tossing it?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off to College!

She is on the move! You heard me Miss Lovely is on the move.. She is rolling from her belly to her back and has been for some time now but she is now rolling from her back to her belly and happy to do it as a party trick for her mom.
Aunt A was watching her at the boys birthday party and when I came back from skating she said she was rolling around I said oh yeah, of course thinking from her belly to back. OH NO ! She is full on the move. Toad told A that she rolls cuss she loves him . Every great move this little girl makes is all about the Toad. 

She is standing tall in her circle of neglect (exerSaucer) and loving the toys on it. Funny thing there is one thing a book that Toad use to scream at and get upset when he was little and she does too. Wonder what it is about that toy?

A few weeks ago we put her highchair up at the table. I looked over to the table from the kitchen that night and started to tear up.. My dinner table was complete! As it always should be!! She is eating her Oatmeal in the morning and at dinner and yesterday we got word she will be dining on some sweet potatoes at lunch...WOW does anyone want to come over and look at prom mags and fill out her college applications with us?  Come on sweetie slow down.. if your life goes as fast as the past 5 months I will be the mother of the bride before I can blink an eye.. YES ROB she is getting married!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Deals A Deal

I think when people get married and they say the vow in sickness and in health they think of them as a couple, I don't think they think sickness and in health also means their parents/families sickness and health. I know when I said it I never thought about that. Well my sweet husband has lived up to his end of this vow this year.
When you get the call your mom is sick you feel so many feelings all at once.. It is like a wall that smacks you in the face a wall so hard you stop breathing. When I got the news last year I wanted only 3 things 1. for it to be untrue 2. to hug my mommy 3. to talk to my husband cuss he will make me feel better. I did get 2 out of the 3. My mom never shed a tear, she never thought anything negative or had any doubt that she would beat breast cancer AND SHE DID.. this was not a easy walk in the park for her or our fisherman and as one of her kids it was hard too.
I had up until that day never ever allowed myself to entertain the thought of not being able to call my mom ever single time I want to make Dawn chicken and find out if it is mayo or miracle whip or celebrate Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays and girls weekends together. On that day as I drove home from work I cried harder then I have ever in my whole life and when I opened the door to my house and fell in Rob was there, he picked me up , he hugged me, he said nothing till the time was perfect. But mostly he allowed me to feel all I needed to and took care of the rest of our life so I could do what I needed. The night before my mom's operation he held my hand in bed knowing I was not going to sleep and hugged me for a long time the next morning before going to work. He always knows when to talk and when to hug. I was pregnant during all this so to say that I was stable on any day to start was far from the truth but this sure make me a giant ball of emotions. This weekend he again stepped up and stepped up big! He is the calm in this relationship and when I get a bit to far off course he always knows how to reel be back in. He knows when I have hit my wall and when I need a break he knows when I cry to let me, he knows that a hug to me is better then any words and he can make me laugh mid tear. Even in my darkest fear and my saddest day I have the best friend a girl could ever have standing beside me so those dark days have a bit of sun.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Day I almost Died!

They say when you have a near death experience your life flashes before your eyes and you see the faces of your loved ones, all this happened to me yesterday when I almost died. I saw my two kids, my awesome husband and my sister in law. Only problem was 3 out of the 4 where laughing as I took what was sure to be my last breaths!!

The day started off great we spend it watching two sweet boys celebrate their 1st birthday, ice skated with our family and enjoyed some yummy cake. It all sounds fun and carefree and it was, till we set off to head home. Aunt A was coming to spend the weekend with us and I would have hated to have her sit in the backseat of the truck,crammed between two car seats, a bunch of Toy Story Toys and a wack load of garbage. So she climbed up front with Rob and the kids and I got in the back seat for what later felt like my last time.
Please picture Lovely to the right of me the Toad to the left and the space between the car seats not nearly as big as my butt, so to get in I had to really jump up and put some force into it. I am now 100% stuck in between the two seats!! Next for the deathtrap or seat belt as some would call it! With the time it took to get myself wedged in Rob had decided to start to drive, it was difficult to get the seat belt from behind my right shoulder and put it in the space between the toad and I but I did it. Sweat now dripping from my face I felt victory..... for 1 second cuss then I felt fear. In my rush to get my seat belt on (we were moving and my sweet son was yelling "are you joking me you have to have your belt on it is dangerous". VERY SMART he didn't know that seat belt was going to take his mother's life!) I had not pulled the belt out far enough and it had locked. Locked around my neck, slowly stripping me of my breath. I was trapped and panicked! I did what any calm mother would do I put both my legs up on the seats in front of me started to scream I CAN"T BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (over and over again) and frantically with out any success pull at the belt.
Rob who was watching this from the rear view mirror and driving kept saying in his very calm way "just take the belt off".. This was a reasonable idea... however I was stuck and could not get my hand between the car seat and me. The pressure of the belt slowly pushed harder against my body I knew this was it. I was going to die here wedged between my two kids a Toy rammed in my butt and my legs pressed against the front seat. I should start to say my good byes, there is so much I wish I had done in my life..

NO NO I am going to fight to live.. Think THINK pull it together THINK WOMEN..

I will try to get my head under the belt , please know this is NOT a good idea as it is locked so I am making no progress with this move. All I can hear is a women screaming.. wait it is me?
I CAN'T BREATH! over and over again. I close my eyes sure this is it, then I swear I see the light.. Wait I feel some relief from the pain? Am I dead? I open my eyes and see that we are at the light!  Te stop light and Rob has gotten out of the truck and undone my seat belt for me... My Knight.. why was he laughing so hard? And was  Aunt A and the Toad laughing? I am just so thankful to be alive!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I think we have come to an understanding

Everyone has their own way of doing things so as parents this can be difficult cuss you both may have different idea of any give situation. Like in our house I have on a few occasions fallen asleep well putting the Toad to bed I have gotten the impress that Rob doesn't understand this or how it may happen. For me it is simple I may tell the toad I will lay there for 5 mins I close my eyes for a second and then an hour or even 8 hrs later I wake up.  Now on a few occasions I have been woken up with a look from my loving hubby like he can't understand how it happens.

8:30 last night! love you both xoxoxo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Hoops

When I watch this clip I see the amazing singing sure, I see the excited judges but I also see 5 kids succeed at something they worked hard at and they did it with grace and kindness to others. I see kids knowing they did well and enjoying it. BUT mostly I see me in those mom's. Toad is participating in soccer this year for the first time and they do a drill where they roll two holla hoops and the kids have to run and get them both. He tried and tried and tried week after week and each week I would hold my breath hoping this was his week to feel success and each week he got so upset when he couldn't get that second hoop . Well just the other week he did it. He got both the hoops I swear I would have danced like those mom's at the end if anyone else would have joined me. When your kid works hard for something and they succeed you see more then a great song or the fact that he ran down both those hoops I see his spirit and I see how hard he will work to get what he wants. I see his joy when he realized he can do whatever he wants if he just hussles and I saw him look to us to share in it with him and that is FREAKIN AWESOME.. So I watch this video and love those moms cuss I see them watching their kids get both hoops!

Superman looks a little green

Well Flu 2011 hit the nest last night our poor toad had a long night so did mommy insert LOTS O COFFEE.

Our night started out fun and carefree unaware of the upcoming events. Toad and Rob went skating and when they got back Grandma was over to give the kidlets their vday presents and visit. Toad had a timbits which he washed down with a Hot Chocolate ( a fun post skate treat) and a Chocolate sucker from Grandma. So as any good parent who let her kid load up on sugar before dinner I was very upset when he would not eat. We told him it was his choice he could miss dinner but he would be VERY hunger later and we would again be taking over the choices of when he can have snacks before meals and how many snacks as he was not able to know when to draw the line. (this is something we believe in but we didn't know he wasn't eating cuss he felt sick) With the fear of snack responsibility taken away he sat there and made himself eat. OH thank god I lost that award cuss this would have taken it for sure.

After dinner we always move from the dinner table to the bath, so off we went poor guy was laying in the washroom on the floor when I got up there holding his belly. I said you going to live? His quick response was don't think so.. i of course laughed and carried on with the night as he was in the bath he said he needed to get out and he sure did... I will save you the details but fast forward to him in our bed in his superman pj looking green as a Toad and this is where you can find him now.. only thing is he is now Batman .. i told you it was a long night.

The one thankful thing is so far Lovely, and mom and dad show no sign of sickness. I think it is horrible to watch your kids be sick and to be so scared and sad as he was broke my heart. The only good thing about the flu is that I get to hug and kiss and snuggle my little man and that never happens. Plus if you know us well you know the last time the flu hit our house we got a pretty great gift..
Here's hoping this skips your house this year!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dealing with it!

On Monday I had something happen to me that has happened before but it never ever gets any easier. Let me spin you a little tale of the ordeal.

So late in the day Monday I thought I would make my boys a yummy spaghetti and Meatball dinner for Love day, I called up my buddy P and got a yummy recipe for them, noticing that I needed a few ingredients I left for a little walk to our local Sobey. I of course was in my stunner of an oversize winter coat and the clock was ticking to the witching hour in my house(defination of witching hour- time of the day when you have to cram in baths for two very tired kids plus clean up dinner and read books all with two VERY tired kids and tired parents), I raced around the grocery store grabbed the few items I needed. As I approached the checkout I was so happy to see a small line, I placed my items on the belt and start to enjoy my quiet time. I was zoned out and yawning when I heard it happen.

Hi Ma'am how are you tonight? Ma'am this Zac Efron of the Tillsonburg Sobey wasn't talking to me was he? OH NO boy I am not a Ma'am.
I smiled and said Okay, the little puke followed up with "Did you find everything you were looking for Ma'am?"
For real did this kid think I was that old? I am tossing this coat out when I get home it must be the coat, it must be that I am just having an off day! On the weekend my mom and I had a chat about how she hates being called Hon by store staff or people on the phone. I would have loved if this little preteen would have called me Hon instead of Ma'am.  But as I made the short walk home it dawned on me... Wait for it.. In little Zac eyes I am way closer to a Ma'am then a hon. Some days I do look around this house and think who's kids are these? And why am I in this house? I am 18 and there is no way I have two kids. BUT then I go to get up off the couch and my knee gives out and my back hurts and I think Ma'am this is your life your getting older and you have to just deal with it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Warming Hearts and Hurting Ears at Wal-Mart

Today started off with such a sweet moment in bed where the Toad told Lovely she was his Valentine and that he would always love her.. I almost cried, he was so excited that it was Valentines Day and it showed. We got dressed and headed out to do some errands Post office and Wal-Mart should be pretty uneventful.. Oh Why! Oh Why do I think that ever.

First stop was the Post office, it was raining and HOLY windy when we arrived. I got a great spot right outside unload the kidlets and head in. Always remembering that Toad gets to hit all the handicap buttons on the way, as we reach the second door and it swings open my sweet little boy screams out HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! this of course melts the hearts of the two women behind the counter and in appreciation for the mid-morning smile they offer the Toad a sucker.
Well in true Toad form this is not a fast choice so must weigh all options Red, Black,Orange. OH Fraggle Rock nothing is fast in my life anymore :) He finally picks and we head outside only to be met by a new toadisum it appears the sucker can't get wet.. he is frantic to get it in his pocket before one single drop hits it.. I quickly swoop in and assist, which looks a lot like grabbing it and putting it in my pocket.

Off we head to Wal-Mart, the whole way Toad is convincing me he is big enough to go in with out a cart. This is how the convo went.

Toad-Mom do you have Lovely stroller?
Me- Yepper
Toad- Oh good cuss I am getting too big to fit in those carts at the blue store.
Me- Well if we try this today you have to be on your best behaviour no touching ANYTHING.
Toad- OF COURSE ( he says it as if over night he would NEVER EVER touch anything in a store.)
Me- K lets try it buddy. (Saying a quick Our Father in my head.)

As we enter Wal- Mart the toad stopped walking turned to the checkout lines and screamed HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LADIES! oh man this kid is a ham but guess what happened next.... He got offered another sucker! He turned to the lady deadpan and said you should ask my mom cuss I already had a lot of sugar this morning.. I laughed so hard thanked the Wal-Mart staff and took the sucker.
We were off, we were really going to hit the Blue store with no cart?
I was nervous, I was optimistic but nervous just the same. Off to the baby section we head.
Formula for Lovely CHECK.. this was going well we can do this.
The toad spotted some new Fireman rubber boats he runs over and has them on before I can blink. "Can I have them mom can I? Remember I am going to be a Fireman Doctor when I get older, I need these". WOW how do you say no to that plan, plus they looked so cute on him and they were pretty cheap. CHECK new rubber boats. Now if you know this kid he must wear them so I remove the tag etc and off he runs to test them out. I tell him to head over to the rain coats since he needs a new one. The Wal-Mart is pretty quiet so I let him get about 5 steps in front of me, he turns right where the coats are and I am right behind, just in time to see it, I don't have time to stop it but I am going to try NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
BONG BONG BONG the Fire Alarm has been set off!

Yep the  new fireman set off the fire alarm! As the Toad and I stand there looking at each other I processed my thoughts. First hmmm will firefighters come? not a bad way to spend my day! Second can we slip out this door before anyone knows it was us? Third this is pretty funny and the look on Toad face is really funny. His eyes got so big he looked at me and whispered sorry mommy. I smiled and said it is okay! I turned to see what we should do now, as I turned a very heavy set senior member of the Wal Mart staff was walk running over to me, I could not figure out if she looked mad or afraid but we soon found out! Afraid. Winded and frantic she shouted IS THERE A FIRE? IS THERE A FIRE? Yeah Betty there is a fire and I thought I would stand here with my two kids under 4 and greet all the customers as they leave.  I was feeling a bit embarrassed now as this was starting to become a spectacle and a crowds started to gather. I smiled and said no sorry my son pushed the door open by accident. As semi-fast as she appeared she was gone. UMM okay what now? 10 shoppers are now gathered at the end of the aisle and watching us. Do I go? Do I stay? Do we bow? Again not too long till the answer appeared in the image of a angry Wal-Mart manager. Toad and I said sorry and slowly slinked away I wanted to remind her that he was the same cute boy who made her smile when we first arrive but instead I reminded myself he was the same cute boy who made me smile this morning before I even got out of bed.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

60 plus Valentines

This year my Grandparents will celebrate 60 years of marriage! Over those years they have loved each other, fought with each other, hugged and kissed each other, raised 3 children, 9 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, shared countless memories, numerous struggles and celebrated 60 plus Valentines.

How lucky am I to have such a real example of LOVE in my life. My grandparents have welcomed hundreds of people into their home with open arms and cold drinks or a warm 50 for a while there. They have taught everyone they have crossed paths with that Love is not always a romance novel but if you love each other you will make it through. You must have fun together, you must laugh together,you must be patient and kind to each other and in our family you must be able to talk over each other to survive.

I spent the day yesterday with my Grandparents, my fisherman and mom what I witnessed  was love in the fullest sense of the word. These couples are facing sickness,aging and everyday life with compassion and love for each other. I drove home thinking how amazing they were and how lucky they were to have that kind of love even if it was going to be too short in one case. To have know it, felt it and share it is amazing.
The best part was that as I had beers and got my butt whipped at darts last night I knew I had it. So if it's your first valentines, 9th or 60th I hope you all enjoy it and remember life is short so hug those around you and remember tomorrow is about love not flowers, candy and cards... Happy Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Lady!

I always found it fitting that you were born so close to Valentines Day, if I was to describe you to someone who didn't know you I would simply say LOVE.
Your heart is so big I marvel that it fits in your body! Your sweet spirit oozes from you! One of the best thing about you is your belly laugh, I find myself acting like a 4 year old repeating anything that makes you laugh to hear it over and over again. Your grace and smile touch people each day, in unexpected place and most ordinary ways..A smile at the grocery store, seeing you whip down the slopes, a helping hand with my kids you touch people and they are changed for having you in their day.

You see obstacles as simple ways to show people how bad you want something, this is admirable and not something you find in most people. You have faced many obstacles , pushed them down, smiled your HUGE smile and keep on going as if laughing at it as you move past.

I have loved you since I knew of you, I have loved watching you become the young lady you are and can't wait to see what you have in store of us in years to come. I have read on many magazine covers about Fearless Females, or Warrior Women and I am blessed to have one in my family, her name is Syd and she is 10 today! Happy Birthday Old Lady.. I love you beyond words...

A Lovely Week!

Well Miss Lovely leads a exciting life, it is full of great friends, a crazy brother and two insane parents!

Here is a look at her past week.
The week started with a visit with her buddies M&A

she was excited to spend some time with her buddies and get to show their mommy her new house and her new room.Man those women can talk!

Then the toad was home for two days in a row.. and in Lovely eyes there is NEVER a dull moment with him around.

Yep this is the toad saying good day to the neighbourhood.

she sure doesn't look impress to be playing with someone in their undewear :)

But later in the day she was in the mood to make fun of her mom! This is her impression of her mom on Monday night.


And to end her week she went and hung out with some of the EastLink babies.
Baby Mikey and Baby Zander sure are fun friends!

what a great week! And the weekend is just starting!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I was an awesome Mom before kids!

I have a fave Mom quote that one of my besties once said "I was a way better parent before I had kids". Prekids I had all these amazing idea about how I wanted to raise our kids and what I was going to expect from them and what our life would be like and then I had kids!

We can not control these little angels they are their own person and bring all their own awesome traits to our families! So I had to get creative and if you would have asked me before kids if I would ever lie to them I would have flat out said NO way. You must be completely honest to build trust and open communication with them. HAA!

I lie to my kid EVERYDAY! You heard me none parents and all you haters out there EVERYDAY! there may even be some mom's and dad's reading this thinking what no way ! I would never do that! BS you have at some point about something.. Parents lie to their kids! there I said it, it is out and we can all just let it sit for a second.

Some examples of CLASSIC lies I have told

WE ARE LATE (were not but we will be if they don't get those freakin boots on)
No we don't have any chocolate milk your going to have to have white.
Oh no we just missed that cartoon
It's 7:30 Bedtime (oooops it may have been 7)
Sorry all your sweatpants are dirty you will have to wear something else to Christmas Dinner.
Their TV is broken
The horse/boat/train at the mall is STILL out of order
Kids under 3 are not allowed out of carts in this store
You have to be 5 to eat/see/do that

the list can go on and on and on...some of these lies are to save fights, or to help the toad but all in all I never thought I would lie to my kid but I do.  I think it is easy to pass judgement on other parents and think I would never do that but you are not in their shoes. I have learnt that there by the grace of god it is not me and my kid in the middle of a war at Wal-mart. We need to be kind to each other and let our mommy and daddy friends know they are not alone. I think we all at the end of the day have the same story we just want a peaceful outing,night,day,hour or minute so we do what we have to to get it!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New definition of Awesome

I remember when Toad was first born counting down the days till my sleep in day. Rob and I would rotate on weekends, now sleeping in then was always like 9 or 10ish but still it was sleeping in. As parents your idea of awesome things changes a bit, I use to Prekids think that a day spent in bed watching HGTV after a all night drink fest was Awesome. Now I would never ever ever spend a kidless day doing that. First the guilt of it would kill me and second I would have a long list of other things I would like to get to kid free. Like organizing my storage unit or picking out furniture, Boring I know! But that is the truth.

I remember this year on Halloween night I was up at 2 am changing a diaper and feeding a one month old, the one thing I kept thinking about was all those people out dressed up and drinking with their buddies. They would just be leaving the bar to get some food and at the time I could have went for poutine. I just thought how different my life was, I went to bed that night okay with it minus that craving for some street food.

This morning another Parenting Awesome happened to me, The toad slept in. Now I was up with Lovely but she is easy, feed her well I watch yesterdays episode of The Talk, drink my coffee and relax. Most days when I am down here feeding her enjoying my ME time the toad comes bounding down ready to start our day. But today no toad?
So I swear I am like a chicken with my head cut off I stood in the kitchen spinning around, the excitement too much to handle. My head was swirling what to do with this extra quiet time, I feel the pressure as you don't know when this timer is going to go off and you will hear the movement upstairs.
QUICK pull it together what do you want to do..I spin around looking at bottles that need to be washed, dishes that need to go away, a floor that could SO use a wash and lets not even start at my state and what I could use.
AHHHHHHHH quick quick just pick something anything what do you want to do THINK.. another coffee, Oprah what what do you want to do.. I of course think coffee quick this is taking too much time.
I LITERALLY run  to the living room get my cup and pour fast fast at least get one guzzle before the timer blows.. 745 YIKES it could go anytime now.. Then it hits me Newspaper could it be could I get to read Thursday's paper before Friday?? Yes this is what I wanted to do.
I head to the front door, my hand hits the cold handle, I unlock the door and tick tick tick tick BOOM I hear the movement HAPPY THURSDAY our whole house is up.. Hope nothing to major happened in the world cuss I will not know till tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sounds of our house

Life is full of noises and sounds, our house is no different. Each day there is a quick moment or long one some days where you can find me in the house with tears in my eyes praying for 1 min of quiet.

Some of the sounds you hear around our place I am sure are very common with everyone, like running water. The dishwasher is running, the laundry is going, the tap is running cuss someone is washing their hands, a bath is being run and of course part of my job description as a stay at home mom the toilet is flushing.
The one sound of running water I wish I heard more of is my shower running for 30 mins oh hell I will take 10.
I like many mom's and dad's can of course get a 10 minute shower it is just not in quiet cuss these are the sounds I hear during it.  MOM, Where is Mom? NO I want mom to do it, NO!!!!!!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM..DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD where is mom?  Insert baby crying from all the yelling.

So you guessed it the next sound in my house is yelling, now the yelling is not always out of anger or frustration. The yelling can comes in forms of laughter and having fun but most days it is me yelling through the house. Some examples you ask- dinner is ready, can you switch the laundry over? time to come upstairs, DINNER IS READY, time for a bath, turn the tv down, stop yelling, stop jumping, your sister is sleeping, get off the couch, don't do that , you know that is not allowed, no we can't buy you that, What? and my fave I AM UP HERE (the answer to the most asked question in our house WHERE IS MOM).
Ooooh lets not forget this one and it is a good one cuss it never happens.Those who know my hubby understand why. Can you get the phone? Flash to me checking messages cuss he does not make a huge effort to get the phone.

So another popular sound in our house is the phone ringing. I love this sound it means someone has something fun to tell me or someone we love is reaching out to check in,tell us a funny story,vent or just needs to chat. The only thing about this sound is it triggers another sound in my house..
Please picture this, phone ringing me walking to it and from downstairs, upstairs or right beside me Toad starts MOM, MOM , MOM it is like in his brain if the phone is ringing I better start asking mom something. So most calls to my house start like this Hi, just one second.. Well toad I am not sure how they build a space ship engine we will have to look that up.. That's right he doesn't ask me a quick can I have a drink or snack OH NO he saves the big questions for when the phone starts ringing. So this usually results in me going to my office to take the call, my mom office is the only room in our house with a lock.. You guessed it! The washroom CLICK I love that sound the sound of metal locking me away! It just triggers Where is Mom.. or banging but if I say nothing it usually stops and I can grab a 5 min call.

One thing about the sounds of our house is I would not change it for anything, I love walking in and hearing our house being lived in. TV's on, Radio on, Dishwasher running, kids running around yelling or crying and my husband peacefully on the couch tuning it all out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the dating scene again.

Making a new friends at my age seems a bit like dating to me, you may meet a new Mom friend at the gym (who are we kidding we all no this is not where I meet friends) through another friend or like most of us through our kids. I feel like in the last few months I have been "dating" a few new friends, you meet lets say at a kids sports game or daycare or something and start to date. You see each other once a week or once a day and start to feel each other out. For me the check list goes like this (and in order)
Are they Crazy- Nope! Good still dating. I have met a few and sadly had to say Yes here and the dates were over. I avoided standing by then at events or talking to them in my driveway we had to break up.

Are you on the market- Yes the friendship market.. Are you interested in making new friends, we all know the old motto I have enough friends I think RG trademarked this for a while. (thank god he changed his mind)

Are they funny- Very important to me! I love to laugh and need someone who sees the humour in normal life. If they aren't, is their spouse cuss really  I am good with either being funny. Both is a jackpot but I will take one.

Do they have a normal view of your children- Do they get that kids are good bad and ugly at times, do they get that I am in no way shape or form in a competition with them and their kid.

If we have checked these off as yes I move on, much like when your looking for your mate you start to increase your contact. Maybe a few phone calls, set up a play date or a dinner with the family something to show your interested in moving forward.

Now if you like this couple or Mom you need to bring your A game,you want them to see your best side.
So I like to save my screaming at my kid to get in the car or put on his boots for at home or a play date with my Girls who know me and have already married me.
Next you want to listen more and talk less I like to save my rants about cleaning, hubby and anything negative for my crew. We know she has the same rants but your just dating so we may want to save these chats for later on in the relationship.
All in all you are dating! You are testing each other out to see if you click do you have the same ideas on life, friendship, relationships and laughter. Over the years I have been blessed to have mom friends who have come into my life for a reason or even just a season and they have forever changed me! I have fun getting to know someone new and finding out about their families, lives and kids. And every once in a while you get to meet someone who clicks.

I have to say that today I am still laughing after an awesome "date" yesterday with a new friend. I laughed, cried and had to call my hubby to come pick me up since I couldn't drive home! This friend and I are going to keep dating we had way to much fun to break up now!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enjoy the Game

Well if I didn't know it before I know it now.. Life is too short! So today I am going to live full throttle, I am going to take my kids to a Superbowl party and not worry about what time they go to bed at, I am going to listen to my husband and his buddies since grade 5 tell stories about their high school days and laugh with them. I am going to play on the floor with my kids and their friends well grown men yell at an over sized TV. I am going to eat like I don't have to fit into a bathing suit in t-minus 23 days, that's right bring on the dips, the chips and the chili mama doesn't care today! Hell I may go wild and toss in a Pepsi and a beer or two. I am going to enjoy the time with my friend and their families I am going to be in the moment and Live, Laugh and Love! And if a football game is on at the same time so be it. I hope you all enjoy the game and all the fun that goes with it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

When I first started this blog the above quote kept coming into my mind, I want the world to be more positive. I think you get more out of life if you can spin it to see that side. I was going to write about the funny things that happened in our life and focus on the positive.

Last night I stood in my kitchen barefoot and crying as I listened to the week my favorite fisherman had to face and I didn't see much humour or positive in it. It was my life and I am blogging about my life so how do you talk about chemo, pain and sadness in a happy and positive way? You don't it is real life and real life hurts sometimes and brings us to our knees and can SUCK but what I have learnt in life from this fearless fisherman and my family is that it is all about how you handle what you have been dealt.

So to stick with the positive here are a few positive things about life that I have learnt from our Crazy Clown.

An Oreo cookie can change someones day around and make then feel loved.. Yes an Oreo cookie!

Drive fast! Life's a ride! It can be scary as hell on a winter highway but you will get there and have enjoyed the ride even if your eyes were closed the whole way!

Tell Stories. To do this you have to live your life. So go and do stuff your afraid of and don't look back. (Even if your getting shot at) still not sure this story is true but it was interesting at the meet my family dinner with my new boyfriend. Rob was not scared off however I would have loved it if you would have told a different story that night.

Hearing Aids. Who needs them! In our family sometimes it is just better to not hear us all talking over each other.

Work hard! You only get far in this life if you have gotten dirty and have blisters.

Be kind! Starting your day off snow blowing a whole streets worth of driveways should just be a given.

Be a good friend, take your friends and their families for boat rides or adventure, as you get to be apart of the memory! But mostly I think it is fun for you to scare the crap out of us on the tube!

Kindness comes back. You are living proof that your kindness has touched many many lives and as you get it all back now you feel overwhelmed and shocked, but I am not. I knew it was coming.

Family is the most important! Your unconditional love for us and your other children has filled us up our whole lives! Your view on family and time spent with them is seen and felt not always talked about but we know it is there cuss we feel it.

If you haven't been there GO. Travel, investigate and enjoy.. this lesson I will forever be grateful for as you gave it to a women who never thought she would make it to half the places she has been and to have done it with her favorite person is pretty lucky!

Love! You may have to wait for it but the wait is worth it!

Honesty.. some times off colour, sometimes not what I wanted to hear but that is not what honesty is about. It is about saying what you think and feel and you do it in a loving way which makes me laugh and appreciate it.

Saying any ones name in a deep voice will make kids crack up laughing..this is one of my fave things to hear, where ever I am I always stop,smile and wait for the kids in our lives to bust out laughing.

Strength. This one is important so listen up Mac you need this right now! So practice what you preach and FIGHT we know your tired but we need your guts now!

Hug your peeps and tell them you love them and in Mac style make the hug long!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oversized Coat and Runners not my best look

Yesterday Rob came home early from work and asked if I wanted to hit the Tillsonburg Town Centre (our mall)? I took one look at myself and knew I had no time to fix this.. There was no way there was time to shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed and apply make up in ten minutes! I was bustin a stunning Mat Leave look yesterday my hair was a trendy mix of bed head and hat head from when I toss on a hat to drop the toad off at daycare. Both my pants that fit me were in the wash so I was sporting a nice pair of black sweatpants and a t-shirt that I in truth wore to bed the night before.

I knew it was 330 in the afternoon and I should have had a shower but I was busy cleaning since I got back from dropping the toad off, well minus a few minutes to chat on the phone, eat, write my blog and cruise facebook. OH yeah and feed and play with my sweetie. So where was the time to shower?

I thought what can I do quick to fix this look? I pulled my hair up in a clip, toss on a splash of lip gloss and an over sized winter coat and my running shoes. Off we were to the mall, I was not worried since we don't know that many people in Tillsonburg so I was sure to not run into anyone at the mall.. WRONG!
It was great to see our old sitter but I am sure she walked away thinking I had gone to hell.

After a coffee and a walk around the mall we decided we needed to check out our local indoor yard sale Antiques Plus. I surely would not be the most under dressed there! OH  BUT I WAS!!
The good news is that I am now typing on our new 1940's laptop desk/old kitchen table..

We were now late so we were in a rush to get the toad, I ran into the daycare and as I entered two little brothers who were getting picked up yelled to the toad that his mom was here. He looked up from the bin of Mr. Potato heads he was playing with and I think I saw for a quick second a look of embarrassment,and I am pretty sure he gave me a second look, was I looking that bad?

I was soon to get that answer, I looked over and a daycare mom that I knew well from when I was working and we both dropped off at the same time was staring at me. I gave her a huge smile and said "Hi I haven't seen you in a while".
She shock her head with out a lie as if she could not believe her eyes and said OH MY I didn't even recognize you!! UNRECOGNIZABLE this was worse then I thought. I said oh yeah with a slightly insulted laugh. Most would stop talking but I knew her and I knew she wouldn't. "It's just that I am use to seeing you all dressed up and um well"(eyebrows raised). I wanted to finish this sentence before she did so I said "And I am not! that's what Mat leave will do to you" (with a forced smile on my face) and she smiled a half smile back.
I knew I hated that bitch!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Living with "isums"

When I met my hubby I fell in love fast and hard how could you not, he is uber hot, a gentleman, he would clean the snow off my car warm it up and leave a Tim Horton's coffee in it (he lived beside one). He cooked me romantic dinners, took me out on dates and made me laugh soo hard. Rob and I moved in together 6 months after we started dating and that is when he introduced me to his "Robisums" or OCD thangs! I have come to respect a lot of these things and know what will drive him nuts and try my best not always successfully to not do those things i.e purse or anything on the counter, everything must be straight not on an angle and the LIST GOES ON.. Lets not forget the Crisper investigation 2004. His poor sister will never get to eat in his car again.

The thought never crossed my mind that our kids could someday add to the stress of living with "isums" but that very thing is starting to happen. Our little mini Rob is showing his colours, in the last few weeks I have noticed it more and more. This morning I handed the toad his breakfast plate and turned to head back to the kitchen when all of a sudden he started to cry HARD and say NO MOMMA NO MOMMA I turned back to see the sheer look of horror and panic on his face.. My gosh what is going on? I said what Toad what??
there was butter on the plate.. yes too close to the English muffins but not on it! I said mmmm okay and put my finger on it and cleaned it up ready to continue on my morning but OH no we needed a new plate and he had to put the muffins on it lined up beside each other... OH MY GOD Toadisums!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the love of all things snow

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a new toboggan and you would want it to snow so bad so you could use it, you would look out each day to see if just maybe that would be the day you could play with your new toy. Well this morning I came downstairs rubbing my eyes and praying that the smell of fresh coffee would soon hit my nose, when I saw the shadow of a grown man with his nose pressed against the window. I said what's the matter hon, he turned and smiled " just seeing if I have to snow blow or not." Rob just got a new toboggan well in the shape of a snow blower, and he has been dying to use it.

Saturday he was pumped it was snowing hard, he knew it was his day. I asked him in the morning if he was going out to do the driveway and he said he was going to wait for it to stop snowing. Good plan I thought.. Only thing he didn't consider in this plan was that we had just moved onto the friendliest street in Tillsonburg and about an hour later I said mmmm honey it looks like our neighbour is blowing out our driveway.. WHAT !! could it be? could the boy have been robbed of his opportunity to use his new snow toy? Let me tell you this story doesn't end happy! It was true our driveway was done!
Rob sat defeated on the couch sad he had missed his opportunity and I am sure sad he was not going to get a half hour outside away from the craziness of Saturday mornings in our castle.

When we got the snow blower we had discussed the etiquette of snow blowing and how early you can start the blower, I had made some calls to my usual panel of experts KL and Mom and they both agreed with Rob you do what it takes to get out of the driveway no matter what time it is. So this morning as Rob looked out the window praying it had snowed so much he could not get out the driveway I moved to the kitchen to get my coffee Rob appeared and announced his decided he was going to gamble and wait till this evening, maybe he did this out of kindness to the neighbours or our kids who were all still sleeping I am not sure what drove this but I could see the excitement in his eyes as he kissed me goodbye today was his day!

As I got the toad and I breakfast I heard a noise NO! I ran to the window whipped open the curtains and in a HUGE breath of relief saw the neighbour across the street that we don't know snow blowing his driveway. Rob's dream was still alive (PS it was 730 am so the etiquette rang true you do what it takes to get out of the driveway no matter what time) Rob called to let me know he was at work safe and I told him of the situation taking place on Friendly Ave we both agreed since we don't know that neighbour and  he was doing the neighbour driveway that we do know Rob would be safe.. Again peeps this story doesn't end happy as I type our driveway is free and clear of all snow thanks to another wonderful neighbour.. Please know we are not complaining and feel so lucky to have great neighbours it's just that the boy wants to use his toboggan!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The award is back up for grabs

Well I lost it again.. Mother of the Year award is up for grabs! As parents when you venture out with your kids (babies mostly I find) you are offered smiles, she/he is soo cute, how old are they? , little bits of advice such as never formula feed only breastfeed (oops both my babies were and are formula babies) and what happened to me today, TROUBLE.. yep you get told your a doing something right, these helpful strangers often do it  by talking to the baby as to avoid conflict and this is what happened today.

Picture my morning much like most of you, wrestle my Pj loving 3 year old into clothes, feed him and Lovely then get him to brush his teeth or strangle him well I brush them (not for real it just looks that way). Into his winter gear and get Miss Lovely into her car seat, which is fastened with a sleeping bag basically! Then we roll!  For those of you who know me well all this with only one coffee HUGE feat for me.

We get to Toad's daycare and it is a busy time for drop off Mom's and Dad's frantic to get in and out and off to work or in my case in and out to Tim Horton's.

I get the kids out of the car and head for the door. Toad MUST open the door himself , so we are at the door he is fumbling around to open it, Lovely now has the sleeping bag top, that thing that keeps the wind from her pushed down she is facing the daycare Cook who is coming in to work, she is a loving grandma who cooks my sweetie his meals each day. Lovely is smiling at her and laughing. I am saying for the 100th time Toad hurry there are people in line when the door opens from inside.. OH NO my worst nightmare here comes the melt down.. but today he is in a good mood and tells the mom rushing to get to work it is okay close the door cuss he is Flash (his superhero name) and one of his super power is opening the door for his mom and being a gentleman.. I am now a bit stressed about the lunch lady and her two bags of groceries and truthfully wanting that second coffee right NOW!

So instead of taking Toad by the hood and tossing him inside(like I wanted to) I ask one last time for him to please hurry up well the following conversation is going on behind me, Grandma is asking Lovely if she is cold, "you must be cold you have no hat on", "Oh my or a coat OR mittens poor little sweetie you must be soo cold".. I wanted to say your lucky she has pants on lady and for that matter that I have them on.. COFFEE STAT!!

Ah well see you later award I made it 31 days with out losing you this year! Maybe next year!

C U Next Monday

Monday Nights have fast become my fave night of the week, as I have gotten older and moved outside the city I grew up in my girlfriends and I have been spaced out geographically. I am lucky that we are still all within driving distance but still no crazy Thursday Night Girls nights for us. So when my buddy asked if she could spend Monday nights at our house as a halfway marker for a placement she attends on Tuesday I of course jumped at it. Last week was our first Monday night sleepover and it was just what I needed beer, laughter and a bag of chips just like our old Thursday nights. When your on mat leave your away from adult chatter a lot and after a long day of work Mr.chatty just doesn't fill my quota for "girl chat". Last night was no different I went to bed feeling full, we laughed,we watched TV and we just hung out.. and time hanging with an old friend is always the best. I even got to start my day with a quiet cup of coffee with her!

I still miss my Thursday night crew and all the awesome memories, funny moments, random 2 extra beer bottles with no case, the Thursday we all got a dozen roses, and even the tears (it was our 20's there were a few broken hearts). But my Monday night girls night is filling that spot for now.
And as you can imagine we have all grown up, had families, boys in our lives, busy jobs so the frequency of girls nights has changed from once a week, but we still get together as much as we can. They just look a bit different, 1 big girls weekend a year and a bunch of awesome girls breakies to fill the hole that was left when we got away from our Thursday night routine. Love you all My C U Next Thursday crew xoxoxox
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