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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The award is back up for grabs

Well I lost it again.. Mother of the Year award is up for grabs! As parents when you venture out with your kids (babies mostly I find) you are offered smiles, she/he is soo cute, how old are they? , little bits of advice such as never formula feed only breastfeed (oops both my babies were and are formula babies) and what happened to me today, TROUBLE.. yep you get told your a doing something right, these helpful strangers often do it  by talking to the baby as to avoid conflict and this is what happened today.

Picture my morning much like most of you, wrestle my Pj loving 3 year old into clothes, feed him and Lovely then get him to brush his teeth or strangle him well I brush them (not for real it just looks that way). Into his winter gear and get Miss Lovely into her car seat, which is fastened with a sleeping bag basically! Then we roll!  For those of you who know me well all this with only one coffee HUGE feat for me.

We get to Toad's daycare and it is a busy time for drop off Mom's and Dad's frantic to get in and out and off to work or in my case in and out to Tim Horton's.

I get the kids out of the car and head for the door. Toad MUST open the door himself , so we are at the door he is fumbling around to open it, Lovely now has the sleeping bag top, that thing that keeps the wind from her pushed down she is facing the daycare Cook who is coming in to work, she is a loving grandma who cooks my sweetie his meals each day. Lovely is smiling at her and laughing. I am saying for the 100th time Toad hurry there are people in line when the door opens from inside.. OH NO my worst nightmare here comes the melt down.. but today he is in a good mood and tells the mom rushing to get to work it is okay close the door cuss he is Flash (his superhero name) and one of his super power is opening the door for his mom and being a gentleman.. I am now a bit stressed about the lunch lady and her two bags of groceries and truthfully wanting that second coffee right NOW!

So instead of taking Toad by the hood and tossing him inside(like I wanted to) I ask one last time for him to please hurry up well the following conversation is going on behind me, Grandma is asking Lovely if she is cold, "you must be cold you have no hat on", "Oh my or a coat OR mittens poor little sweetie you must be soo cold".. I wanted to say your lucky she has pants on lady and for that matter that I have them on.. COFFEE STAT!!

Ah well see you later award I made it 31 days with out losing you this year! Maybe next year!

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  1. I could only imagine what your day was like...You're still a pretty excellent mother Nicole!!


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