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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dealing with it!

On Monday I had something happen to me that has happened before but it never ever gets any easier. Let me spin you a little tale of the ordeal.

So late in the day Monday I thought I would make my boys a yummy spaghetti and Meatball dinner for Love day, I called up my buddy P and got a yummy recipe for them, noticing that I needed a few ingredients I left for a little walk to our local Sobey. I of course was in my stunner of an oversize winter coat and the clock was ticking to the witching hour in my house(defination of witching hour- time of the day when you have to cram in baths for two very tired kids plus clean up dinner and read books all with two VERY tired kids and tired parents), I raced around the grocery store grabbed the few items I needed. As I approached the checkout I was so happy to see a small line, I placed my items on the belt and start to enjoy my quiet time. I was zoned out and yawning when I heard it happen.

Hi Ma'am how are you tonight? Ma'am this Zac Efron of the Tillsonburg Sobey wasn't talking to me was he? OH NO boy I am not a Ma'am.
I smiled and said Okay, the little puke followed up with "Did you find everything you were looking for Ma'am?"
For real did this kid think I was that old? I am tossing this coat out when I get home it must be the coat, it must be that I am just having an off day! On the weekend my mom and I had a chat about how she hates being called Hon by store staff or people on the phone. I would have loved if this little preteen would have called me Hon instead of Ma'am.  But as I made the short walk home it dawned on me... Wait for it.. In little Zac eyes I am way closer to a Ma'am then a hon. Some days I do look around this house and think who's kids are these? And why am I in this house? I am 18 and there is no way I have two kids. BUT then I go to get up off the couch and my knee gives out and my back hurts and I think Ma'am this is your life your getting older and you have to just deal with it!

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