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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Night Sweet Toad.. you make my heart FULL!!

Today I was not feeling well, got hit with the flu that has been floating around our house. The good thing is that it is short lived and I am starting to feel a bit better already.
The thing about being sick is that you get to feel how loved you really are, now with that being said I could have done without the all night pukefest and just had a day filled with love.
Rob is an amazing dad and awesome hubby but you really come to appreciate it when your down and out. He did everything today to make it easier on me and for the kids to have a great day.. THANK YOU HONEY.. but the moment that put tears in my eyes and has me carrying around a faded 4 year old blue blanket happened about an hour ago.
The toad is not easy to put to bed.. scratch that he is not easy for me to put to bed, he is smart and sneaky and this combo usually results in me being played and him being up way past his bed time. Tonight Rob did bedtime so the boys came up to say good night and toad found me laying on top of the covers and across the bed, he was very upset by this. He was hugging me and saying "mommy you need to get under the covers, your going to be too cold." "are you sleeping like this? your going to be too cold" I being the jaded mom thought he was trying to stall so I told him I was just relaxing and please don't worry then Rob came and got him and he went to bed. I then decided to come down and watch the Mentalist from Thursday (WAY GOOD !!!!! love that show) when Rob finished reading him some books he came down and got on the computer, about 10 minutes later we heard the toad! He was calling me a tested and true tool to get me to come up and for him to stay up later... I AM A SUCKER I know,whent that didn't work then he started to cry, we could not make out what he was saying so Rob went up. Two seconds later he comes down and tosses the Toad's fave blue blanket that he sleeps with on me.. I said what is this? Rob said he wants you to have it? Rob didn't know what had happened earlier and in truth it took me a few minutes but I picked the blanket up put it to my nose and said he wanted me to have a blanket!

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