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Saturday, February 5, 2011

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

When I first started this blog the above quote kept coming into my mind, I want the world to be more positive. I think you get more out of life if you can spin it to see that side. I was going to write about the funny things that happened in our life and focus on the positive.

Last night I stood in my kitchen barefoot and crying as I listened to the week my favorite fisherman had to face and I didn't see much humour or positive in it. It was my life and I am blogging about my life so how do you talk about chemo, pain and sadness in a happy and positive way? You don't it is real life and real life hurts sometimes and brings us to our knees and can SUCK but what I have learnt in life from this fearless fisherman and my family is that it is all about how you handle what you have been dealt.

So to stick with the positive here are a few positive things about life that I have learnt from our Crazy Clown.

An Oreo cookie can change someones day around and make then feel loved.. Yes an Oreo cookie!

Drive fast! Life's a ride! It can be scary as hell on a winter highway but you will get there and have enjoyed the ride even if your eyes were closed the whole way!

Tell Stories. To do this you have to live your life. So go and do stuff your afraid of and don't look back. (Even if your getting shot at) still not sure this story is true but it was interesting at the meet my family dinner with my new boyfriend. Rob was not scared off however I would have loved it if you would have told a different story that night.

Hearing Aids. Who needs them! In our family sometimes it is just better to not hear us all talking over each other.

Work hard! You only get far in this life if you have gotten dirty and have blisters.

Be kind! Starting your day off snow blowing a whole streets worth of driveways should just be a given.

Be a good friend, take your friends and their families for boat rides or adventure, as you get to be apart of the memory! But mostly I think it is fun for you to scare the crap out of us on the tube!

Kindness comes back. You are living proof that your kindness has touched many many lives and as you get it all back now you feel overwhelmed and shocked, but I am not. I knew it was coming.

Family is the most important! Your unconditional love for us and your other children has filled us up our whole lives! Your view on family and time spent with them is seen and felt not always talked about but we know it is there cuss we feel it.

If you haven't been there GO. Travel, investigate and enjoy.. this lesson I will forever be grateful for as you gave it to a women who never thought she would make it to half the places she has been and to have done it with her favorite person is pretty lucky!

Love! You may have to wait for it but the wait is worth it!

Honesty.. some times off colour, sometimes not what I wanted to hear but that is not what honesty is about. It is about saying what you think and feel and you do it in a loving way which makes me laugh and appreciate it.

Saying any ones name in a deep voice will make kids crack up laughing..this is one of my fave things to hear, where ever I am I always stop,smile and wait for the kids in our lives to bust out laughing.

Strength. This one is important so listen up Mac you need this right now! So practice what you preach and FIGHT we know your tired but we need your guts now!

Hug your peeps and tell them you love them and in Mac style make the hug long!

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  1. I love it! All true and Bert as I have been calling you for years even when no one else was. We Love you and we want you in our lives for another 32 years so please fight the good fight. I love you. My Daughter loves you my Dogs love you. Everyone who truely knows you loves you. I can not imagine my life without my Bertie in it. I have so many memories of laughing and crying (crying due to laughing mostly) even last weekend when we watch the begining of a movie (I would let you know what it was called but it was a bad one!)Love you Bert!XOXO


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