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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off to College!

She is on the move! You heard me Miss Lovely is on the move.. She is rolling from her belly to her back and has been for some time now but she is now rolling from her back to her belly and happy to do it as a party trick for her mom.
Aunt A was watching her at the boys birthday party and when I came back from skating she said she was rolling around I said oh yeah, of course thinking from her belly to back. OH NO ! She is full on the move. Toad told A that she rolls cuss she loves him . Every great move this little girl makes is all about the Toad. 

She is standing tall in her circle of neglect (exerSaucer) and loving the toys on it. Funny thing there is one thing a book that Toad use to scream at and get upset when he was little and she does too. Wonder what it is about that toy?

A few weeks ago we put her highchair up at the table. I looked over to the table from the kitchen that night and started to tear up.. My dinner table was complete! As it always should be!! She is eating her Oatmeal in the morning and at dinner and yesterday we got word she will be dining on some sweet potatoes at lunch...WOW does anyone want to come over and look at prom mags and fill out her college applications with us?  Come on sweetie slow down.. if your life goes as fast as the past 5 months I will be the mother of the bride before I can blink an eye.. YES ROB she is getting married!

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