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Monday, February 14, 2011

Warming Hearts and Hurting Ears at Wal-Mart

Today started off with such a sweet moment in bed where the Toad told Lovely she was his Valentine and that he would always love her.. I almost cried, he was so excited that it was Valentines Day and it showed. We got dressed and headed out to do some errands Post office and Wal-Mart should be pretty uneventful.. Oh Why! Oh Why do I think that ever.

First stop was the Post office, it was raining and HOLY windy when we arrived. I got a great spot right outside unload the kidlets and head in. Always remembering that Toad gets to hit all the handicap buttons on the way, as we reach the second door and it swings open my sweet little boy screams out HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! this of course melts the hearts of the two women behind the counter and in appreciation for the mid-morning smile they offer the Toad a sucker.
Well in true Toad form this is not a fast choice so must weigh all options Red, Black,Orange. OH Fraggle Rock nothing is fast in my life anymore :) He finally picks and we head outside only to be met by a new toadisum it appears the sucker can't get wet.. he is frantic to get it in his pocket before one single drop hits it.. I quickly swoop in and assist, which looks a lot like grabbing it and putting it in my pocket.

Off we head to Wal-Mart, the whole way Toad is convincing me he is big enough to go in with out a cart. This is how the convo went.

Toad-Mom do you have Lovely stroller?
Me- Yepper
Toad- Oh good cuss I am getting too big to fit in those carts at the blue store.
Me- Well if we try this today you have to be on your best behaviour no touching ANYTHING.
Toad- OF COURSE ( he says it as if over night he would NEVER EVER touch anything in a store.)
Me- K lets try it buddy. (Saying a quick Our Father in my head.)

As we enter Wal- Mart the toad stopped walking turned to the checkout lines and screamed HAPPY VALENTINES DAY LADIES! oh man this kid is a ham but guess what happened next.... He got offered another sucker! He turned to the lady deadpan and said you should ask my mom cuss I already had a lot of sugar this morning.. I laughed so hard thanked the Wal-Mart staff and took the sucker.
We were off, we were really going to hit the Blue store with no cart?
I was nervous, I was optimistic but nervous just the same. Off to the baby section we head.
Formula for Lovely CHECK.. this was going well we can do this.
The toad spotted some new Fireman rubber boats he runs over and has them on before I can blink. "Can I have them mom can I? Remember I am going to be a Fireman Doctor when I get older, I need these". WOW how do you say no to that plan, plus they looked so cute on him and they were pretty cheap. CHECK new rubber boats. Now if you know this kid he must wear them so I remove the tag etc and off he runs to test them out. I tell him to head over to the rain coats since he needs a new one. The Wal-Mart is pretty quiet so I let him get about 5 steps in front of me, he turns right where the coats are and I am right behind, just in time to see it, I don't have time to stop it but I am going to try NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
BONG BONG BONG the Fire Alarm has been set off!

Yep the  new fireman set off the fire alarm! As the Toad and I stand there looking at each other I processed my thoughts. First hmmm will firefighters come? not a bad way to spend my day! Second can we slip out this door before anyone knows it was us? Third this is pretty funny and the look on Toad face is really funny. His eyes got so big he looked at me and whispered sorry mommy. I smiled and said it is okay! I turned to see what we should do now, as I turned a very heavy set senior member of the Wal Mart staff was walk running over to me, I could not figure out if she looked mad or afraid but we soon found out! Afraid. Winded and frantic she shouted IS THERE A FIRE? IS THERE A FIRE? Yeah Betty there is a fire and I thought I would stand here with my two kids under 4 and greet all the customers as they leave.  I was feeling a bit embarrassed now as this was starting to become a spectacle and a crowds started to gather. I smiled and said no sorry my son pushed the door open by accident. As semi-fast as she appeared she was gone. UMM okay what now? 10 shoppers are now gathered at the end of the aisle and watching us. Do I go? Do I stay? Do we bow? Again not too long till the answer appeared in the image of a angry Wal-Mart manager. Toad and I said sorry and slowly slinked away I wanted to remind her that he was the same cute boy who made her smile when we first arrive but instead I reminded myself he was the same cute boy who made me smile this morning before I even got out of bed.

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