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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where My Mother Fathers At!!

Yesterday my Bestie KL sent me the funniest video on facebook, this video means a lot to us both as we recently become those people..

Minivan Drivers....

This family has a ton of video on You Tube and these two are my fave... Rob and I have called our new van many things since we got it but it will NOW be the Swagger Wagon.

Enjoy the laugh and sorry if you have seen this before it is still funny as hell.

Happy Thursday

oh and 1 more sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I literally cried the day that we got our minivan. CRIED! I felt like all the fun, sassy, part of me was gone. Maybe I just need to re-think my attitude and flaunt my swagger wagon. :)(I agree . . . the video is hilarious!!)

    If you want to see another hilarious van video, go to you tube and type in Mom My Van. Hysterical! I linked to it once on my blog, but truthfully I am too lazy this morning to go look up the url.

  2. OMG - So funny! I've never seen these before - gotta go find more!


    that was the inspiration behind my minivan purchase. We were driving a honda odyssey. and then watched that video. hubs and i said "oh my god, we're not in the cool kid club" so we out post haste and traded up.
    Whew! now we are totally pimp and i even blast lady gaga when i drop my son off at school and when we pull over on the side of the road to pee.

  4. Haven't "graduated" to a mini-van yet, but this might be clincher for me. Definitely NEED a "swagger wagon".

    Very funny!

    Sadie at The TIghtrope Walk


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