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Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Five

Today I am straying from the list of top fives I have been using the past 2 Friday and making my own.. lets all try to guess what would be so fresh on my mind that I would want to create my very own Top 5.....hmmmmmmmmm

Top Five Fave things about Girls weekend!!

1. Krista, Keri Lyn, Amanda, Emma, Kathy and Pauline!!!

2. Belly Laughs, laughing till you cry, laughing till you pee, making some laugh till they spit out their drink (we try to not waste any booze but this one has happened.) Laughing at yourself and just LAUGHING..

3. Sleep.. Yep sleeping in, taking a nap or passing out at the fire.. Sleep is one of the things i look forward to each year!

4. Memories new ones, remembering old ones(love to read the journal). I love how my buddies can make the most ordinary thing into a funny new memory. Rose Gonzalez's birthday bash, our fisherman and Maltesers.. Ah my ladies I love you !!

5. Being Nicole... I am me each day but I have to do so many Mom things in a day that sometimes I feel like I get lost. And this weekend is a awesome reminder that I am still here. Nicole not mommy, or Toad and Lovely's mom, or Rob's wife. I get to be just Nicole..I love my other titles and don't EVER want to lose any of them ever.. I just don't want to lose me either.  

Have a great weekend everyone! And ladies.. I can not get up there fast enough and can't wait to start new memories..

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  1. Super excited for you this weekend! I'm off tomorrow night for a ladies cottage night with 12 of my aunts and cousins - should be a fun night with little sleep...the best kind! Have an awesome weekend!


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