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Monday, June 6, 2011

GW 2011

Well I am home and recharged!! I feel amazing and like I said recharged, before I left for girls weekend I was done, I didn't have anything else to give. Rob asked me the Thursday night before we went to bed "are you coming home after this?" I said probably not. ha ha I was kidding but I really did need this weekend so Thank you Ladies for the love, laughter and memories.. I have too many funny ass stories but they all have the feel of you had to be there and hear the delivery of it.. but here are a few fun pictures..

Just arrived and can't find an opener.. need wine now!

Al was with me and helped me make a killer fire!!

this flash was givin us the gears all weekend ha ha

the night no one was awake but US! look at Amanda.. laughing so hard LOVE IT


I love this pic cuss we are all laughing.. so fun

yes we take our kids to the park but this was the funniest trip there EVER!

my mom helping me feel better the next day . (it did work)

oh Kathy and her love of special need limes..

Next Years Sponsor Maltesers.. never have too much.

OMG these were tooo funny..

yes we loved Em's outfit so much we took a road trip so funny!!!

night 2 was a bit harder but we got it going.. and then we all went to bed ha ha

Can't wait till October.. two prego girls = two girls weekends this year !

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  1. All because of that picture of you with the lime in your mouth,,, I'm awarding you!!! lmao..
    Also because you're an awesome blogger! Check out my post to claim it!


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