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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good To Know

Kids and I are hitting the road pretty early tomorrow for the weekend.. So last post till Sunday. Hug your dads or a random you see on the street.. Peace Out!

~Listen to the Whispers in your life, even if they are about Napkins it can save you a lot of time and gas.

~Think this party is finally coming together!!

~People must not stay married for 60 years anymore cuss I can't for the life of me find a card to celebrate this?? Guess Grandma and Grandpa are getting a 50 year and 10 year card..

~The channel that shows Super Hero Squad and all its violence just vanished off our tv...hmm strange Poor Toad is so sad.. good parent or bad??

~This week I lost my header and my husband !

~ I am now a work widow for another season...why did it have to start the day of the Party .. (pity party over)

~ I can run for 10 full minutes WHAT THE HELL!!

~A day in the backyard with my kids was just what I needed!!

~A Ice cream place within walking distance =guilt free ice cream :)

~ I think the Toad will be happy with his new family..

~I LOVE YOU ASHLEY I would be lost without you this weekend THANK GOD you will be there to help me with the kids..

~I got to go to bed.. gonna be a long but GREAT weekend!!

Have a good one...


  1. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope the party goes off without a hitch!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures!! Drink lots of Corona, eat lots of icecream and everything will be just fine!! Enjoy your weekend girl, you deserve it...
    Oh,,, and good parent...
    And when you're missing your hubby, remember the times you longed to be a widow!!! LMAO!! Sorry, not funny!


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