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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pimpin myself out for a Alternate Bus Route

Just when I counted myself out , they pull me back in..

Well the Toad will be starting school this coming September and with me going back to work at the same time we needed to organize a before and after daycare option. I have found a wonderful lady who will not only be looking after the Toad in the morning and after school (till the universe grants me the ability to pick him up at the bus stop) but she will also have Lovely everyday.

In my meetings with Granny Nanny she mentioned that I will have to request from the Bus line to have Jax route moved to her route and that at times this can take months. MONTHS YIKES.. being me I start to run all the negative options
What if they decline him?
What if they wait and the day before school say NO or we changed our mind now you have to pick another daycare closer to your route? 
What if they say he is too short to ride that bus line?
What if I fill out the paperwork wrong and they move another kid by mistake and Toad has to take our route all cus his mom is a DB?

I of course pulled myself together long enough to call the school and find out what I had to do.

Well Well Well this was my introduction to Captain Mean Secretary.

I was charming, I was funny , I was loving and got NOTHING! Good to know.
Mark my words I will get on her Christmas Card list before my kids graduate that school.

Anyways she informed me that I had to fill out a form and send it to the Big Yellow Bus company and they would either Approve or Decline the request. DECLINE YIKES..

I went right to work finding the form, filling them out and sending it in and then waiting, waiting and waiting.. No word so I was freakin I called the Captain at the school and she said I have to call the bus line, I called the bus line and the message suggest that Parents deal with the school oh for Mother Father sakes what the hell am I suppose to do? So I left a message and today my knight called me back.

I am tired and very grumpy today so I answered the phone with the hint of what the hell do you want in my voice. The very young man identified himself as my knight from the school bus line and proceed to type away to see if Jax form was approved.

I was sweating, my stomach was turning oh he said.. great what do I do now he got declined I know it!!
(BK-Bus knight DM-Desperate Mom)

BK-Oh..hmmm Just a second..
DM-Oh come on just shoot me now..
BK-umm Mrs Gundry I don't have his application here? Can I call you Nicole?
DM-Sure you can call me Trixy if it gets my kid on that route..

BK-Nicole why don't you just send it to me now and I will process it for you personally
Now from this part of the chat you can't tell but we have laughed a few times, he has said oh that is funny and now is calling me by my first name.. This could work I think..

And that is what I did. I was using my best "old" Nicole moves, I was being charming and complimentary I was workin it..
And he was pickin up what I was laying down.. He wanted to stay on the line with me till he got the email I said it may take me a bit to find the copy on my computer is that okay? He said no problem this is the best call I have had all day! Wow I am good, no wonder I tricked Rob into marrying me.. then I looked at the clock 8:59.. ah well played player most likely your first call.. but this old lady will take it kiddo.

Funny thing is that at the end of the call my boyfriend  buddy from Big Yello Bus told me most kids get approved as long as they were to be on a bus anyways and that the Toad was.

Ah well started my day off with a laugh when I hung up..


  1. haha - Glad he was approved - that's a huge relief for you! Trixy - I love it!

  2. Oh you make me laugh, and not much is making me smile let alone laugh today!!
    Did you really tell him that he could call you Trixy?? HA!!!
    You probably had him all excited thinking that he was picking up!!! He'll be telling all of his friends about "Trixy" now!!!

  3. You make me giggle. I will take note and know that I can flirt to both get my way for me or my child and just to prove I still got it!

  4. I am pissing myself laughing (metaphor - felt I needed to clarify that :) One of my fav post from you. Keep up the good work Trixy!

  5. Don't you love how we have to revert back to our childhood and feel like insecure little children and be afraid of mean secretaries and beg for a seat on the bus....


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