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Monday, June 27, 2011

Blender Time again

Happy Monday Everyone!! Blender time is just a mix of thoughts, experiences etc.
Randoms really...

1. I got myself a busy week and need to cram it all in 3 days!! Thursday the kids and I are heading to Bayfield YIPPEE no dad BOOO HISS.. We will be spending 5 days with the fam jam and I can't wait!
BUT I have a bunch of laundry,cleaning and two kids around to "help" with it..

2. I love weddings! Thank you Richardsons for an amazing night.. I love when a couple can incorporate their personalities into a wedding! The day was full of love and laughter! soo fun..

3. We took Toad to the movies yesterday to see Cars 2. Rob and I were a bit tired but so excited to have a date with our boy.. It has been forever since we did something just the three of us and he was pumped! (Thank you Nonna and Papa for coming to watch Lovely) He sat so good in the seat, he screamed in excitement when the lights went off and had a smile on his face from ear to ear when the movie finally started. What an awesome way to spend a Sunday!!!

4. I am TIRED today! there I said it I will suck it up and stop complaining as I know there are so many other people out there dealing with REAL issues!

5. I love my new Big girl shoes...

6. We are raising a real smart ass...Yesterday I said to Toad if you don't clean up your toys I will and it will be with a garbage bag. He responded.. Thanks for the tip!

Well off to start my day. Hope you enjoy your week and day!! Find joy in the journey!!

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