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Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 5 Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I love Friday cuss it usually means 2 days with the hubby but this week Mister is going to bach it up for Ritchie`s upcoming wedding.. So the Shorties and I will be filling our weekend up with family visits, sunny days outside and of course Soccer for the Toad..

So Friday = Top 5 List which I always get my theme from old list on Kate`s Blog .

So this week I borrowed Top 5 Films! (in my opinion)

1. Beautiful Girls- Story follows a Piano player who returns home when he finds himself at a crossroads in his life. This is an older movie jammed with tons of stars, a great soundtrack and I always love a friend themed movie!!

Beautiful Girls Poster

2. Serendipity- Follows a couple who leaves their love up to the universe (which I of course believe in) and the way the universe brings them back to each other.

Serendipity Poster

3. Sliding Doors- When one door closes another opens.. this movie changed my mind on so many things in life. The movie shows how one women`s life, job, love life all hinge on her catching a train one day. LOVE this movie...

Sliding Doors Poster

4. The Sweetest Thing- Just a great chick flick that made me laugh, and remember why I love my girlfriends so very much!!

The Sweetest Thing Poster

5. Notebook- I don`t love the movie as much as the book.. but the story is great!

The Notebook Poster

Happy Friday and I wanted to add a movie I just rented last night.. Just go with it.. MUST watch I laughed a LOT!!

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  1. Wow - I have not seen any of these (a bit embarrassed about that!) I have got to watch more movies! I heard the Notebook was really good!


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