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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good To Know

Another week gone! The Gundry's had a mixed up one, filled with new technology,scarey moments, a baby girl on the move and in the end laughter..

~see you 95' hello sweet lavender 2011

~I do not like having a to do list.. it makes me feel bad for not getting stuff done!

~momma got some killer shoes for the wedding.. Lets hope I don't hurt myself in them..haven't worn heels for a while..

~Rob and I trying to talk when he gets home from work is USELESS... talk to you after the kids go to bed I said this week..

~Move over Mariah we got ourselves a little Diva!

~I always knew my dad liked to sleep but that was going a bit far Dad.. ha ha SO happy everything turned out okay. Scared and Tired but everything went the way I prayed it would.

~I wish we had a camera crew in our house.. they would settle many arguments with a rewind and earn us ten thousand dollars on AFV.

~Baby Gates are up, chairs are covering openings, coffee table is blocking an exit and the playpen is being used for washroom breaks.. We got ourselves a jail bird.

~Mark and the girls are coming to watch Toad's soccer game or how I see Saturday mornings a paid trip to a wet field to watch him stand around grumpy and play follow the leader.

~I love wedding Rob..excited to hang with him tonight!!!

hope you all have a great week, that you hug your people and remember that life is short so don't forget to call, hug and laugh!

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