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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

on the run again!

So much for that armchair parenting I have been rockin for the last 8 months.. sad to see you go. It was a good run!

Armchair parenting you ask.. well the kind you can do without getting your big butt off the chair.. I remember when the Toad was a baby I was a rushy parent wanted him to be older, do more and move to the next step, talk. Then I got what I wished for, then all I wanted was to have him sit down and be quiet for one second. Life with a kid on the move is busy!!

Lovely decided that this was the week that she would start to put EVERYTHING in her mouth (man my floor has a lot of junk on it), pull herself up on everything (still unsteady so it is not safe for her on her own) and trying to use the stairs.. I forgot something from when Toad was small, how do I go to the washroom during this stage??

We have two beautiful windows in the front of our house with vents under each of them, they are killing our A/C consumption this time of the year. So I went out and got the vent guards to help push the A/C out to the room instead of up into the windows. Rob installed (put stickers on one side and put on the vents) yesterday evening, well this morning from 6-7 all I did was get my sweet baby away from them, take things out of her mouth, move her away from the stairs  and say NO.

Oh great there is that word again.. NO. Two letters that I will become very close to for the next year or so. NO don't touch, NO Dangerous, NO careful.

Ahhhh I do not like this word.. I don't like how it becomes your gut reaction to stuff without thought..

I said to the Toad yesterday No with out even hearing his question.. I stopped turned to him and said sorry buddy I didn't even hear your question and he said why did you say No then?? Ah my little life teacher..

I do know a few things for sure from having done this before... Play dates are now totally different and will no longer involve long chats with out interruption, I now know what Lovely looks like with a bruise, Toad does not like that Lovely plays with all his toys, and I am tired..

I guess I am going to lose some of this baby weight after all!! BUT with all joking aside we know how blessed we are to have a health baby and we are so excited for the next stages of Lovely life. I just need my running shoes and something to keep her safe well I use the washroom..


  1. Holy heck no one told me how complicated it was to have a 9 month old! And when I say no he just flashes me that grin and I melt. Yep I am screwed. The things they find to put in their mouth even after I just vacuumed it's like they are magnets for all things little. It is fun but exhausting at points. And to think I wanted an early walker ummmm not sure.

  2. I can so see this coming my way! So far no crawling or scooting, but I know it's only a matter of time...I have a lot of crap on the floor too!

  3. It was always such a wake up call when the babies started to become more like people than nice, beautiful baby dolls!!! It is diffent with the second and subsquent babies because now there are little toys all over the place that seem to multipy at night!!! The plus side is that they are so darn cute as they are getting into all that trouble and they do give us something to blog about!!! Great post!! Take care!!


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