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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good To Know

~ I must have an allergy to Gravol.. Must be

~A Sunday Breakfast on the deck in the sun with 7 of the ladies that shape my world.. yeah only way to start the week right..

~Coming home after a weekend away and everyone is alive is the best way to end a girls weekend.

~I love crossing things off a list.. I love planning something!! So fun

~Lunch with my mom in the city is going on the calendar more often! xoxo

~McDonalds fries are NOT safe around my kid.. consider yourself warned!

~If you ask the Toad the kids in India have nothing on him. Not fun or Not fair is what I have heard ALL week

~ ah this is why people do date nights.. SO fun.. dinner on a patio, walking around the mall with zero kids, ice cream just us and then a movie = new perfect night

~ Just Go With It is a awesome movie.. rent it.. ( Rob liked it too so it is a not just a chick flick)

~17 dollars for a tin of coffee was worth it.. Love Tims at home!!

~Well looking at Pictures of me as a kid my son said on countless occasions you looked like a boy.. thanks mom and dad for those killer hair cuts.. (insert sarcasms)

~Ironic Rob will now have to carry a cell phone 24 hrs a day.. Ah this makes me smile..

~SHOCKING NEWS- laundry does not fold itself and put its self away no matter how much I will it to.

~Friday night use to be filled with bar shirts, drinks, loud music and tons of laughs this Friday night was sweatpants,Pepsi, hours of OWN on tape and a bunch of Ah ha moments.. life is good!

~sleepover with the Toad fills my heart..

~calls from your hubby and his buddies at 2 in the morning are only fun when they don't hang up...i want to enjoy the drunken chatter too..:( instead I just got woken up and didn't get to laugh... boo hiss

~ Soccer photo day.. will we get a grumpy face or a smile?? Two Face will flip his evil coin first thing this morning I am sure.

Happy Anniversary honey!!

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  1. Oh how I sometimes,, okay a lot of times,, miss the old Friday nights!!! lol


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