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Thursday, June 30, 2011

He is slowly going crazy?

Is the Toad crazy? full of imagination? uber smart or are they really dreams?

Each day Toad tells me he had a dream... not like Martin Luther King No NO his sound more like.....

I had a dream that you gave me 3 Oreo cookies for breakfast..

Last Night I dreamed that you let me stay up till eleven ten o'clock (that is the real number he said)

One time I had a dream that Daddy lived in a kitchen and you lived at the top of some really high stairs, that were so high you had to stop and have drinks (he did not say what kind) so you would have enough energy to make it to the top.

I had a dream that we had a dog!
Insert his tears to try and get me to get a puppy. He is so smart he even adds in "I miss Mclean" (the best dog in the world! A dog we were lucky enough to have live with us and be part of our family but sadly had to be put down 2 Years ago.)

One time you dreamed that I got to swim ALL day and you loved watching me.

Honestly he is FULL of personality and makes me laugh all the time with his thoughts, "dreams" or creative ways to get 3 Oreo for breakfast :)

Toad I love you and think you add so much love and imagination to my day and you can make me smile at random moments. Thank you for being you! All of you! The good , the bad and the funny!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where my heart is at today!

Each Wednesday I read a fellow Blog Mommy and her pour your heart out link and this Wednesday I have something to say so here goes..

How do you go from spending 24 hrs a day with someone to 2.5? I will find out in 6 short weeks.
With my work schedule the way it is now I will get about about 2 and a half hours each day with my kids.. In this time I am suppose to feed them twice (which includes prep of these meals),bath them both once, dress or undress them 2x,brush their teeth twice, put on or take off their shoes twice and get them out of bed and put them to bed.

Where is the time for hugs, playing, laughing and watching my babies?

I don't know??? This is the thought that keeps me up at night, has me on the couch in tears as I type.

How do I find time to squeeze in 1 million I love yous each day?

I know we will work it out we always do but I just feel struck with fear!
Fear of how I know I feel when I am rushed, fear that I will not be able to do it, fear that my kids will some day think I wish I had more time with my mom.  I know how the three of us go in the groove when I was at work but I don't know how this will work with our new family of four.

This morning Lovely and I went into Toad's room when he was waking up and I got to watch the two of them on his bed playing with his cars, and hugging each other and laughing I watched like I was never going to see it again. I watched and teared up. Silly really but my heart is sad to think these type of moments will not be everyday but saved only for 2 short days at the end of long busy weeks.

Please know I am aware that people do this every single day hell I DID THIS! And I love my job.. I look forward to returning and starting a new beginning of working and raising our family of four. I just wish I could add some time to the clock so I could do everything for everyone, and still enjoy those moments with my kids.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." 

Bring on my new Beginning BUT NOT one second sooner then 6 weeks.. I got to get myself together or it will be a very messy!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blender Time again

Happy Monday Everyone!! Blender time is just a mix of thoughts, experiences etc.
Randoms really...

1. I got myself a busy week and need to cram it all in 3 days!! Thursday the kids and I are heading to Bayfield YIPPEE no dad BOOO HISS.. We will be spending 5 days with the fam jam and I can't wait!
BUT I have a bunch of laundry,cleaning and two kids around to "help" with it..

2. I love weddings! Thank you Richardsons for an amazing night.. I love when a couple can incorporate their personalities into a wedding! The day was full of love and laughter! soo fun..

3. We took Toad to the movies yesterday to see Cars 2. Rob and I were a bit tired but so excited to have a date with our boy.. It has been forever since we did something just the three of us and he was pumped! (Thank you Nonna and Papa for coming to watch Lovely) He sat so good in the seat, he screamed in excitement when the lights went off and had a smile on his face from ear to ear when the movie finally started. What an awesome way to spend a Sunday!!!

4. I am TIRED today! there I said it I will suck it up and stop complaining as I know there are so many other people out there dealing with REAL issues!

5. I love my new Big girl shoes...

6. We are raising a real smart ass...Yesterday I said to Toad if you don't clean up your toys I will and it will be with a garbage bag. He responded.. Thanks for the tip!

Well off to start my day. Hope you enjoy your week and day!! Find joy in the journey!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good To Know

Another week gone! The Gundry's had a mixed up one, filled with new technology,scarey moments, a baby girl on the move and in the end laughter..

~see you 95' hello sweet lavender 2011

~I do not like having a to do list.. it makes me feel bad for not getting stuff done!

~momma got some killer shoes for the wedding.. Lets hope I don't hurt myself in them..haven't worn heels for a while..

~Rob and I trying to talk when he gets home from work is USELESS... talk to you after the kids go to bed I said this week..

~Move over Mariah we got ourselves a little Diva!

~I always knew my dad liked to sleep but that was going a bit far Dad.. ha ha SO happy everything turned out okay. Scared and Tired but everything went the way I prayed it would.

~I wish we had a camera crew in our house.. they would settle many arguments with a rewind and earn us ten thousand dollars on AFV.

~Baby Gates are up, chairs are covering openings, coffee table is blocking an exit and the playpen is being used for washroom breaks.. We got ourselves a jail bird.

~Mark and the girls are coming to watch Toad's soccer game or how I see Saturday mornings a paid trip to a wet field to watch him stand around grumpy and play follow the leader.

~I love wedding Rob..excited to hang with him tonight!!!

hope you all have a great week, that you hug your people and remember that life is short so don't forget to call, hug and laugh!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Five Friday

Today's Top Five is in honour of our buddies Andrea and Chris who are are getting married tomorrow!! YIPPEE gonna be a great wedding....

So Top Five fave things about weddings.....

1. Memories / Stories- I love the funny stories that come from any good wedding.. You know the kind you talk about for years to come. Like remember so and so's wedding where you.....

Here are a few pictures that show some of those memories for our group..

Not everyone got their treats that night.. Just saying!

21 Corona to go! Only in Vegas baby!!

We got to see Paster Rock and Roll it out(ha ha) even got the guitar!! Just like any great party with this guy..

When Rob finally got to go to Barney's after a wedding.. Pillow and All :)

2. Got to be the Dancing... I love to have a few drinks and hit the dance floor with my peeps...

Love when everyone hits the floor

pulling out all the old moves!

Pulling in the crowd!

Enjoying the night :)
3. All the great couples that I get to celebrate with.. the normal cast of characters BUT there are two special guys who have given me countless fun pictures over the years..

Chris who is always happy to get his picture taken! 

My very own hubby who loves to give me great photo's of us to pass on to our grandchildren .

4. Love! This is really Number 1.. But I love to see a couple who I know are truly in love. The kind that make you smile when you catch a glimpse of them that day. The kind you want to be around.. Yeah that kind of Love!

This kind of Love!

5. The Dress!! Oh Baby I love me a great wedding Dress.. I have loved so many over the years.. but this has to be my fave

Happy Friday EVERYONE!! And Chris and Andrea I hope the next two days are everything you planned and hoped for and we can't wait to celebrate with you guys tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Losing It!

So in an attempt to lose some of this baby weight I had this brilliant stupid idea to cut the one/ few/ case  of beer I have each night out. This would cut some of those empty calories.. well this was not the week to pick to do that.

And lets just say after my little grocery shopping trip yesterday I was looking for my flask in my diaper bag.. (JOKING I of course keep it in my purse).

The kids and I headed to the Woodstock Walmart yesterday with a mission.. Get pool supplies, groceries and have some McDonald's (don't even start with the whole McDonalds but you cut out beer? I got it and I thought it too.. ). So we rolled up to the Walmart around 11:15 and when I pulled into my driveway at 3:30 I wanted to get out lay under the tire and have the Toad park the van on me.

The day didn't start off good, I again made the brilliant choice to cut my coffee intake big mistake HUGE! so I was grumpy.. I found a toy that the Toad just got and it was broken so I full on lost it! He was crying, I was about to cry and all the window were open so the neighbours were about to call CAS. It was BAD!

We were able to pull ourselves together and got to Walmart, he had the fear of god evil mommy returning in him to be good and he sure was.

I found a killer cart there a few weeks back that has a car seat built in and a seat beside it for the older kids BINGO! We got Lovely in that seat and buckled her in.. IE a strap that goes over their shoulders and comes down in a v at the front to buckle. She was good as gold as we have lunch and the toad was coming down from the drama of seeing his mom's head spin around before we left.

We finished lunch and I put the toad in the seat beside Lovely and started off shopping, two seconds in Lovely boots Toad in the head HARD.. oh yeah the way she is sitting and the way he is she has a direct shot to his melon.. He laughs and we carry on..

Fast Forward an hour and half and he is NOT laughing anymore, he for sure has a mild concussion from the non stop boots to the head , Lovely is screaming , I am sweating and we have half our groceries on the belt and have been waiting 15 mins well Miss Slow as hell cashier waits for a manager to come over.

Picture it I am stopped, stuck and not drinking so what the hell am I going to do??

Oh goodie Camryn is now slowly trying to hang herself on the seat/buckle. I try to grab her and stop her from twisting, she is crying and the buckle is leaving a red mark on her neck..I can hear it now..oh sorry Honey I went with two kids and came back with one cuss the other had to much of Walmart and decided to end it.

I undid the buckle and started to de-tangle her, at the same time Toad decided he had had just about enough as well and start to stand up in the seat. I stopped and gave him the you have to be BLEEPING kidding me look. He sat down fast! I got her out and at this point am about ready to sit on the ground and start rocking.

The sweet shopper behind me offered to assist and I said Oh hell yes and handed my baby over!
Rule number one of  good parenting- Give your kid to a stranger whenever you feel like your about to lose it.

I grab Toad and got him out put Lovely in the seat he was and thought I was winning.


Lovely was still screaming, now the Toad was in Electronics pickin himself out an iPhone and our line was still not moving..


Please know I have a terrible problem with Patience so imagine me at this point.. LOSING IT BAD.. I was that mom who looks like she is about to snap.

I did the only thing I could do LAUGH oh and Momma got her drink on last night! Screw it I will lose this weight somehow.. or I will just get me some bigger mom jeans next time I am at Walmart.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Princess and the Frog

Welcome everyone who is dropping by from the Hop!! Great to have you stop by.. Come on in can I get you something to drink??

Well Miss Lovely turned 9 months old on Monday.. What the hell is going on ?? Where is the time going? I can't believe there was a time where she was not apart of our life and family. Lovely has lived up to her nickname,she is just that truly Lovely. Her smile (which is always on her face) can light up a room. She brings joy not only to us but every stranger she lights up for each day.

When the Toad was first born he got a large stuffed frog as a gift, I used it as a marker for his growth over the first year of his life so I held onto that frog for Lovely and wanted to share her pics..

Our little princess and her frog...

during our move.. check out that christmas tree!

5 months sitting up(for a bit)

oh no on the move!!

would not sit for long so.. insert stool!

Just Chillin!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Bye 1995 Hello 2011

Recently at a BBQ Rob and I met a nice couple who were from our town and they suggested that we exchange phone numbers so we could get together sometime (plus he is my new baby doctor).
We of course knew what would come next as we have been here so many times before, they both pulled out their blackberries and started to store our info. They both looked up at us and gave us the look we too have seen before the where the hell is your phone/berry? And the answer up till this week has been Gundry don't have cell phones!

Stop rubbing your eyes you read that right we have NO cell phones, NO blackberries nothing.. oh no wait that is a lie! I have a thousand year old hand me down flip pay as you go phone that NEVER has minutes on it and is NEVER charged. So I told our new buddy like I have told others before I will just grab a rock and chisel their digits down.

But this week our world got turned upside down and the Gundry have joined the 20th century... Rob got a work phone and I just purchased my first blackberry!! YIKES I see myself addicted as soon as I get it!

And it is soo pretty!!

Bring on this whole new world !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating the Perfect Pair

Well the party has come and went and was a success! The beer was cold, the food was good, the company was great and my grandparents had a blast.. I have always know how lucky I am to have my family and that family starts with my Grandma and Grandpa.

My family is only happy when there is a lot of us, we are loud and we are laughing. My grandparents have taught us to welcome our neighbours, strangers, co- workers and friends into your home and treat them like family.

This was never more clear then at the party this weekend, where we welcomed our family, my Grandparents friends (even the best man from their wedding who p.s I wanted to hug he was soo stinkin cute), my mom's friends, my friends and all the strangers we met along the way who are now family..

I love my grandma and grandpa more then words and the lessons they have taught me are tucked away in my heart I hope I can be as good a parent,friend and person as they are.

Some grandparents teach their grand kids how to work on a farm, or sew a blanket my grandparents have taught me how to enjoy life, how to find the laughter in the storm of angry and sadness that is the world around us. They have showed that no matter what your family will be there to stand with you when you fail, cheer with you when you succeed and pick you up when you fall. My Grandparents have not only taught me this but the many who have come in and out their always open door.
Thank you and I can't believe how blessed I truly am xoxox

I promise to add more pictures just having some issues with Blogger and trying to upload them :(

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good To Know

Kids and I are hitting the road pretty early tomorrow for the weekend.. So last post till Sunday. Hug your dads or a random you see on the street.. Peace Out!

~Listen to the Whispers in your life, even if they are about Napkins it can save you a lot of time and gas.

~Think this party is finally coming together!!

~People must not stay married for 60 years anymore cuss I can't for the life of me find a card to celebrate this?? Guess Grandma and Grandpa are getting a 50 year and 10 year card..

~The channel that shows Super Hero Squad and all its violence just vanished off our tv...hmm strange Poor Toad is so sad.. good parent or bad??

~This week I lost my header and my husband !

~ I am now a work widow for another season...why did it have to start the day of the Party .. (pity party over)

~ I can run for 10 full minutes WHAT THE HELL!!

~A day in the backyard with my kids was just what I needed!!

~A Ice cream place within walking distance =guilt free ice cream :)

~ I think the Toad will be happy with his new family..

~I LOVE YOU ASHLEY I would be lost without you this weekend THANK GOD you will be there to help me with the kids..

~I got to go to bed.. gonna be a long but GREAT weekend!!

Have a good one...

Pimpin myself out for a Alternate Bus Route

Just when I counted myself out , they pull me back in..

Well the Toad will be starting school this coming September and with me going back to work at the same time we needed to organize a before and after daycare option. I have found a wonderful lady who will not only be looking after the Toad in the morning and after school (till the universe grants me the ability to pick him up at the bus stop) but she will also have Lovely everyday.

In my meetings with Granny Nanny she mentioned that I will have to request from the Bus line to have Jax route moved to her route and that at times this can take months. MONTHS YIKES.. being me I start to run all the negative options
What if they decline him?
What if they wait and the day before school say NO or we changed our mind now you have to pick another daycare closer to your route? 
What if they say he is too short to ride that bus line?
What if I fill out the paperwork wrong and they move another kid by mistake and Toad has to take our route all cus his mom is a DB?

I of course pulled myself together long enough to call the school and find out what I had to do.

Well Well Well this was my introduction to Captain Mean Secretary.

I was charming, I was funny , I was loving and got NOTHING! Good to know.
Mark my words I will get on her Christmas Card list before my kids graduate that school.

Anyways she informed me that I had to fill out a form and send it to the Big Yellow Bus company and they would either Approve or Decline the request. DECLINE YIKES..

I went right to work finding the form, filling them out and sending it in and then waiting, waiting and waiting.. No word so I was freakin I called the Captain at the school and she said I have to call the bus line, I called the bus line and the message suggest that Parents deal with the school oh for Mother Father sakes what the hell am I suppose to do? So I left a message and today my knight called me back.

I am tired and very grumpy today so I answered the phone with the hint of what the hell do you want in my voice. The very young man identified himself as my knight from the school bus line and proceed to type away to see if Jax form was approved.

I was sweating, my stomach was turning oh he said.. great what do I do now he got declined I know it!!
(BK-Bus knight DM-Desperate Mom)

BK-Oh..hmmm Just a second..
DM-Oh come on just shoot me now..
BK-umm Mrs Gundry I don't have his application here? Can I call you Nicole?
DM-Sure you can call me Trixy if it gets my kid on that route..

BK-Nicole why don't you just send it to me now and I will process it for you personally
Now from this part of the chat you can't tell but we have laughed a few times, he has said oh that is funny and now is calling me by my first name.. This could work I think..

And that is what I did. I was using my best "old" Nicole moves, I was being charming and complimentary I was workin it..
And he was pickin up what I was laying down.. He wanted to stay on the line with me till he got the email I said it may take me a bit to find the copy on my computer is that okay? He said no problem this is the best call I have had all day! Wow I am good, no wonder I tricked Rob into marrying me.. then I looked at the clock 8:59.. ah well played player most likely your first call.. but this old lady will take it kiddo.

Funny thing is that at the end of the call my boyfriend  buddy from Big Yello Bus told me most kids get approved as long as they were to be on a bus anyways and that the Toad was.

Ah well started my day off with a laugh when I hung up..

Nothing to say

WOW did you ever think that would come from me! I am so sorry to not have posted really this week.(I pretend like you guys care or even noticed) I am sooo busy this week with the kidlets, our house, and LIFE plus helping my family plan an amazing party for my Grandparents. They are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend...wait today, party this weekend..

SO my brain is fried! I have nothing funny going on with my shorties and zero time to really post. Sooooooooooooooo sorry but if you do care I promise to be better starting next week.

Happy Thursday Peeps!! Daycare day for the toad and my last day to get everything organized for the weekend!! oh and I have no cream so I am already grumpy with no coffee... number one on my list GET CREAM..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Missing One Header....

Well seems we got ourselves a small problem with my blog today.. My fun new funky header is gone :( I am on the hunt to find it.. I hope it has not gone far as I am super busy today and don't have a ton of time to hunt around for it :)

Oh Header where are you???? Come out come out where ever you are..

Monday, June 13, 2011

Miserable people grow in greenhouses!

This Saturday Jo (otherwise know as Nonna) and I took the kids to Heeman to get some yummy strawberries and plants.

The place was hoppin like it always is and our possy was huge! We had the stroller, a plant cart thingy oh and a four year old.

We approached the Strawberry line and did our best to not get in anyone way, Okay we tried.

However the whole scene was disorganized Toad was blocking the cart,I was telling him to please move so mom can get out of the way, Jo was moving the stroller to get in front of us, Toad moving in front of her, I take my chance and move the cart and he jumps back in front of it all this with 1000 other shoppers standing with in 5 feet of us and not in any sort of line.

To know me is to know my head is at this point about to explode off my body.

I am stressed and this kid is going down with me. I finally get him to agree to sit his little butt on the cart so we can get our strawberry and in a very unorganized fashion a Ice cream which I totally deserved at this point.

We take what feels like another half hour to move from the strawberry into the green houses. I am sweating, the Toad is screaming cuss he in the last 5 seconds he has acquired a hate of strawberry and can not believe I put them on his ice cream during all this Jo is trying to get just far enough up so that people don't know she is with the mean looking mom and her annoying kid!
Or maybe just far enough so I could get out of the crowd, hmm either way we are now in the green houses.

I am pushing my ever so sweet boy whining devil child on the cart but have to stop ever two seconds to get him off or on, stop him from taking one bite out of every strawberry and putting them back in the quarts or just pull him out of other shoppers ways. 

I am not sure if your getting that this trip was turning out to be the trailer for my first movie Drunkin Mommy.

As we move our way through the mass of people out enjoying their Saturday afternoon it hits me, everyone else looks so happy. They look to be enjoying this trip to the garden centre, taking in all the lovely flowers, enjoying the company of family or friends , planning what the rest of their day was going to look like and I was counting down the seconds till bed time.

At this point the Toad is on the loose, he is being as well behaved as any bored, tired and crazy ass 4 year old can be. He has been asking me a lot of questions about Strawberry "why do they have to have the green part?" "why do they put it on there if you don't eat it?"  he is enjoying the flowers by touch each one to see how they feel, he has taken some time to join other shoppers well they pick out flowers and give his opinion of them. He is running up to different plants and suggesting them to Nonna and I, the mood was relaxing, I was relaxing only problem was neither one of us were aware of what we were approaching.

(Insert dramatic music)

If any of you are regulars at garden centre some times in the middle of a walk way there will be a cart with a mix of plants that the staff are returning to their places.

Well the Toad went up to what I assumed was one of these carts and started to check out a pretty funky plant. I was walking behind him at the time  and as he approached the cart I continued to move past him and reminded him to be gentle.  When I got about 10 feet in front of him I turned to wait for him to finish and that is when the show down started.

Jax was smiling and talking to me or the plant I am not sure when Cruella de Vil approached and put her hand on my sweet boys arm and in a horrible voice told him to NOT TOUCH IT AND LEAVE HER PLANTS ALONE..

What happened next was unreal, even as the mom of this strong willed boy I was shocked. Here he was 4 years old there she was in her early 70 and they were locked in a stare down..

Jax locked eyes with this lady and would not let go, he stared right at her with the most hilarious face on him. It was a mix of smug and grumpy and he would not move away from the plant. (this is a reenactment)

She was evil her eyes were locked in a stare down with a little kid.
She was mean looking just on her own but when she was bond to beat a kid in a stare down she was even more evil.

I was quickly trying to think of something to say, we had an audience and I wanted to use the proper words to make her feel like shit for being mean to a 4 year old BUT also teach Jax that he had to be respectful but still stick up for himself.

As I am trying to think my brave little dude all alone at the cart slowly stepped away from the flower and started to walk over towards me. NEVER ever did he take his eyes off her eyes, he was going to let her know he didn't like what just went down even if he didn't have the words to tell her. 

As he backed his way over to me she finally looked away and he had won!! Way to go Toad!! Well that is what I thought and I could see from his face that he thought that too.

I said to him what happen? He said she was mean to me.. And I said in a loud and direct voice a life lesson I hope he will pass on to his children some day....... wait for it..

Sometimes honey miserable people are mean to little kids!

A man standing beside me who had caught the whole showdown started to laugh and Cruella who heard me just moved along. I have all weekend been kicking myself for not going over and stepping in but I do try to encourage Toad to solve his own battles. And in my eyes he was respectful and handled his own.

We travelled around outside looking at plants and then as we approached the greenhouse Toad stopped and said No mommy this is where the miserable people are.. I said well honey they are everywhere we just have to watch for them..

So my hope is that no miserable people cross your path this week!! And to my brave little boy you have on other occasions stood up for yourself against people bigger, older and meaner then you and as your mom I pray you carry this trait with you over the years. I hope you use it to protect others who are not as brave as you, I hope you watch for miserable people and never let them make you feel bad for exploring your world.. including your mom at times :)

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good To Know

~ I must have an allergy to Gravol.. Must be

~A Sunday Breakfast on the deck in the sun with 7 of the ladies that shape my world.. yeah only way to start the week right..

~Coming home after a weekend away and everyone is alive is the best way to end a girls weekend.

~I love crossing things off a list.. I love planning something!! So fun

~Lunch with my mom in the city is going on the calendar more often! xoxo

~McDonalds fries are NOT safe around my kid.. consider yourself warned!

~If you ask the Toad the kids in India have nothing on him. Not fun or Not fair is what I have heard ALL week

~ ah this is why people do date nights.. SO fun.. dinner on a patio, walking around the mall with zero kids, ice cream just us and then a movie = new perfect night

~ Just Go With It is a awesome movie.. rent it.. ( Rob liked it too so it is a not just a chick flick)

~17 dollars for a tin of coffee was worth it.. Love Tims at home!!

~Well looking at Pictures of me as a kid my son said on countless occasions you looked like a boy.. thanks mom and dad for those killer hair cuts.. (insert sarcasms)

~Ironic Rob will now have to carry a cell phone 24 hrs a day.. Ah this makes me smile..

~SHOCKING NEWS- laundry does not fold itself and put its self away no matter how much I will it to.

~Friday night use to be filled with bar shirts, drinks, loud music and tons of laughs this Friday night was sweatpants,Pepsi, hours of OWN on tape and a bunch of Ah ha moments.. life is good!

~sleepover with the Toad fills my heart..

~calls from your hubby and his buddies at 2 in the morning are only fun when they don't hang up...i want to enjoy the drunken chatter too..:( instead I just got woken up and didn't get to laugh... boo hiss

~ Soccer photo day.. will we get a grumpy face or a smile?? Two Face will flip his evil coin first thing this morning I am sure.

Happy Anniversary honey!!

Check out some other fun lessons learned this week at Sarah site

Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 5 Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I love Friday cuss it usually means 2 days with the hubby but this week Mister is going to bach it up for Ritchie`s upcoming wedding.. So the Shorties and I will be filling our weekend up with family visits, sunny days outside and of course Soccer for the Toad..

So Friday = Top 5 List which I always get my theme from old list on Kate`s Blog .

So this week I borrowed Top 5 Films! (in my opinion)

1. Beautiful Girls- Story follows a Piano player who returns home when he finds himself at a crossroads in his life. This is an older movie jammed with tons of stars, a great soundtrack and I always love a friend themed movie!!

Beautiful Girls Poster

2. Serendipity- Follows a couple who leaves their love up to the universe (which I of course believe in) and the way the universe brings them back to each other.

Serendipity Poster

3. Sliding Doors- When one door closes another opens.. this movie changed my mind on so many things in life. The movie shows how one women`s life, job, love life all hinge on her catching a train one day. LOVE this movie...

Sliding Doors Poster

4. The Sweetest Thing- Just a great chick flick that made me laugh, and remember why I love my girlfriends so very much!!

The Sweetest Thing Poster

5. Notebook- I don`t love the movie as much as the book.. but the story is great!

The Notebook Poster

Happy Friday and I wanted to add a movie I just rented last night.. Just go with it.. MUST watch I laughed a LOT!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Way

6 years ago this Saturday I tricked the best guy I have ever met into marrying me.
This weekend Rob will be away celebrating the upcoming marriage of another great guy (and girl) so today is our "Fake" Anniversary this year.

We have Rob's mom coming to watch the kids as we enjoy a great gift from  my mom of a dinner out.

So rewind 6 years, it was hot like now, it was beautiful and my fave guy stood there and said A deals a deal.. we were in love and young, a lot skinner and had no idea what a deals a deal truly meant.

We had no idea how much laughter was going to go along with this deal, or how much more I would fall in love with him as I watched him as a father, or how he would take such great care of us all, how amazing a provider and friend he would be to me during difficult times.

We had no idea how much our time together would mean to us, or how we would stand together at countless weddings, funerals, Christmas concerts or just in our driveway holding hands.

At our wedding a special guy to us both and a long time friend sang/played our wedding song for us first dance, it goes down as one of those times in my life that I felt so blessed. As they had on countless deck parties, campfires and in our living room Steve played his acoustic guitar and Emma sang.. How can you get better then that. 

I have tried to replay the memory of our buddies singing our first song each year in my head on our anniversary and would have LOVED to have it on video to share with you all but maybe when we renew our vows... Till then I will share Jewel singing it..

Happy Anniversary Rob!! Thank you for always staying that way!  I love you more then you will EVER know xoxoxo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hamburgler is on the Loose!!

If you can't see the similarities you should have been at Pinafore Park today. My sweet boy was playing around in the water park and having a great time then with in seconds was in the corner at a picnic table helping himself to a Happy Meal.. YEP some poor kids is out a few fries and almost out a toy.. Thank god I went and stopped him when I did.. Thanks Toad for the laugh.. And thank god the other Mom thought it was as funny as I did....

on the run again!

So much for that armchair parenting I have been rockin for the last 8 months.. sad to see you go. It was a good run!

Armchair parenting you ask.. well the kind you can do without getting your big butt off the chair.. I remember when the Toad was a baby I was a rushy parent wanted him to be older, do more and move to the next step, talk. Then I got what I wished for, then all I wanted was to have him sit down and be quiet for one second. Life with a kid on the move is busy!!

Lovely decided that this was the week that she would start to put EVERYTHING in her mouth (man my floor has a lot of junk on it), pull herself up on everything (still unsteady so it is not safe for her on her own) and trying to use the stairs.. I forgot something from when Toad was small, how do I go to the washroom during this stage??

We have two beautiful windows in the front of our house with vents under each of them, they are killing our A/C consumption this time of the year. So I went out and got the vent guards to help push the A/C out to the room instead of up into the windows. Rob installed (put stickers on one side and put on the vents) yesterday evening, well this morning from 6-7 all I did was get my sweet baby away from them, take things out of her mouth, move her away from the stairs  and say NO.

Oh great there is that word again.. NO. Two letters that I will become very close to for the next year or so. NO don't touch, NO Dangerous, NO careful.

Ahhhh I do not like this word.. I don't like how it becomes your gut reaction to stuff without thought..

I said to the Toad yesterday No with out even hearing his question.. I stopped turned to him and said sorry buddy I didn't even hear your question and he said why did you say No then?? Ah my little life teacher..

I do know a few things for sure from having done this before... Play dates are now totally different and will no longer involve long chats with out interruption, I now know what Lovely looks like with a bruise, Toad does not like that Lovely plays with all his toys, and I am tired..

I guess I am going to lose some of this baby weight after all!! BUT with all joking aside we know how blessed we are to have a health baby and we are so excited for the next stages of Lovely life. I just need my running shoes and something to keep her safe well I use the washroom..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the Award goes to......

When I started my blog I wanted to write about my family so that I didn't forget some of the funny and sweet moments we shared well they were young. My grandma has an amazing collection of journals and this was my version. What I did not know was that I was going to find all these awesome mom's out there doing the same thing. I love to read about their kids, their take on everyday life and laugh.. some pretty funny women out there.

Some of these awesome mom bloggers have be rewarded by their peers for their writing and I am always so jealous happy to see them recognized. I find myself reading a few mommy bloggers each day and one of those mom's is Sarah at Not So Silent Mommy and guess what she gave me an award!! Oh Wow so fun!!

SO for you non bloggin peeps what happens  when you get an award or so I have seen, you must list 7 things people may not know about you (hard since I talk A LOT) and then award this award to 7 other bloggers you love or feel deserve it.. So first  7 Things about me..

1. I love Britney Spears.. There I said it.

2. I believe in the Secret/the law of attraction BIG TIME this is my religion.. Ask my peeps don't mess with my connection with the universe.

3. I have always said and stand by the fact that I love being a working mom, but with my return to work so close I am freaking out.. My dream is to work but be done in time to get the Toad from the bus stop each day.. I want him to tell me about his day not the daycare lady.. PUTTING IT OUT to the universe..

4. I could spend a whole day in bed. Ah the dream wife... one problem I would be sleeping :)

5. I still look pregnant. Yep I have a 8 month old but still look pregnant.. Gonna have to kick it up a notch to get this belly gone!

6. I have 10 sisters. Yep.. Cherie and I have the same rents, Heather,April and Beth are my sweet and amazing bonus sisters (step) and then I have 6 wonderful sister in laws. Each one of them adds so much to my life.. I am blessed! xoxo Love you girls

7. I miss playing baseball this year.. mostly I miss Sunday beer with my peeps..

K now to give.. I have some of the same people as Sarah has given the award to so I will leave them off for this time around (sorry Lisa and Sarah you would have been first on my list).

Here are some amazing blogs I read each day, you will see a theme they all are well written, share photos and family stories and will make you laugh and think.. Enjoy!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

GW 2011

Well I am home and recharged!! I feel amazing and like I said recharged, before I left for girls weekend I was done, I didn't have anything else to give. Rob asked me the Thursday night before we went to bed "are you coming home after this?" I said probably not. ha ha I was kidding but I really did need this weekend so Thank you Ladies for the love, laughter and memories.. I have too many funny ass stories but they all have the feel of you had to be there and hear the delivery of it.. but here are a few fun pictures..

Just arrived and can't find an opener.. need wine now!

Al was with me and helped me make a killer fire!!

this flash was givin us the gears all weekend ha ha

the night no one was awake but US! look at Amanda.. laughing so hard LOVE IT


I love this pic cuss we are all laughing.. so fun

yes we take our kids to the park but this was the funniest trip there EVER!

my mom helping me feel better the next day . (it did work)

oh Kathy and her love of special need limes..

Next Years Sponsor Maltesers.. never have too much.

OMG these were tooo funny..

yes we loved Em's outfit so much we took a road trip so funny!!!

night 2 was a bit harder but we got it going.. and then we all went to bed ha ha

Can't wait till October.. two prego girls = two girls weekends this year !
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